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4 Things to Consider when Remodeling your Home

4 Things to Consider when Remodeling your Home

Home renovations can be an exciting time with new ideas and options being thrown around the design table. “What if we add another sink here” or “Let’s add more kitchen cabinets there” make redesign possibilities endless, but before you get caught up in the fun of the designing phase- consider these few things that could save you from grief later on.

Consider how long you are going to be in the home before starting your remodel project.

What sells best and what fits your family’s needs could be very different. Your designer will create the best space by taking either one of these possibilities into account. The trends that are hot this year might not be of your taste, but could definitely help the sale of your home if you are considering moving in the next few years. On the other hand, if you are planning on staying in your home for years to come, you will need to plan what will work for you then even now. A good designer will be able to take both into account when designing your space.

Contemplate the possible change in your family dynamic.

You can design the perfect space for your family, but what if your parents move in with you or your kids come back in for an extended stay- these things need to play an important part in your designs. Nothing is worse than getting the space of your dreams only to have them shattered because you are tripping over each other in your newly remodeled kitchen.r contractor.

Evaluate the lifestyle of the space.

Evaluate the lifestyle of the space. So often we want what’s trendy, but does it fit the lifestyle of the space you are remodeling? Let’s use your kitchen as an example. The kitchen is usually considered the hub of the home, so what will the kitchen be used for? Entertaining? Relaxing? Here is a questionnaire that will help give you and your designer some direction when it comes to how the space is going to be used most.

Know before you go.

Know before you go. The quickest way to go over budget in a remodel is changing your mind on materials half-way through. A good designer will be able to give you all the choices you will need before the remodeling phase even starts. Make sure that your remodeler is licensed and insured. You can also check review sites such as Houzz, Guild Quality and Facebook to see what others think about your contractor.


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