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Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Your Kitchen Remodel

Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Your Kitchen Remodel

Entering the wild world of Kitchen Remodels? Hold tight – there will be no end of stellar looking kitchen remodelers who would love not only your business but your hard-earned dollars as well. But how do you choose the right kitchen remodeling company for your home? It’s not easy – updating the kitchen can be one of the most expensive remodels you can perform on your home. The best way to choose a kitchen remodeler is to know why you want to remodel your kitchen. Without answering these 5 questions – you could end up with a design you never even wanted in the first place. Entering a kitchen remodel with these questions in mind will help you find the right remodeling company as well as the right design for you and your home.

The 5 Questions to Ask Before Your Kitchen Remodel

Before you know who you want to work with, you need to know why you want to remodel in the first place. Is the location to tight, are the cabinets delaminating, is the style out-of-style? What is the key pain point that you’d like your kitchen remodel to fix? Aks yourself:

How do I want to use my new kitchen?

Will your kitchen be the hub of the family activities? Seating may be an important factor if so. Will your kitchen be for cooking? If yes, large meals or meals for 2? Depending on your answer to how do you want your kitchen to be used, you’ll determine a lot of the design aspects of this new remodeling project. From a detached island to an island with large amounts of seating or space – knowing what will definitely need to come before the who.

What’s My Budget?

A rather important question – how much are you willing to spend? Your budget will determine not only what you can install, but probably which companies you can work with. While some companies can be a “jack-of-a-trades” when it comes to budgets, it’s best to stick with a company that specializes in your budget needs. A high-end kitchen installer will have more resources available to them than a newly established remodeling company that may have cheaper price points and thus cheaper materials and a smaller team.

What do I Like about my current kitchens?

Just because it’s time for an upgrade doesn’t mean your current kitchen is completely useless. Is there some aspects you liked about your current kitchen? If so – establish what. The island location, the distance of the sink from the oven, or the height of the cabinetry can all be great resourced to build your future dream kitchen off of. Knowing what’s good can lead to a really great, useful remodeling project.

Are countertop appliances OK, or do you like everything to be hidden?

Mentioned in this Houzz article, we agree – do you want appliances visible, or is a completely empty countertop space more your style? Hiding appliances will dictate a lot about not only your layout but also your cabinetry style. Some cabinetry lines offer various types of cabinets that may better suit your under-cover (or “under-counter”) needs and your kitchen remodeling company should know this during the planning stage.

Do you eat mostly fresh food or packaged items?

Some of us are chefs and some of us can make a mean reservation – but the desire for a kitchen remodel of your dreams is pretty universal. But if begs the question – do you eat farm-to-table or box-to-table? If you’re like some of us, a large pantry may be the perfect fit for your kitchen upgrade, or others who prefer the preparation route may opt for creature-comforts sought out by cooks like pot fillers and a double oven.

Knowing what you want and why you want it can go light years into creating a remodel that will last you a lifetime a create a space that can be the center of your dinner party or the most relaxing room in the house. Ask yourself these questions before getting your kitchen remodeled!

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