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3 Reasons You Should Consider A Double Island Kitchen

3 Reasons You Should Consider A Double Island Kitchen

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the way we view and live in our home. Our kitchens are no exception. Our kitchen has transformed from a place to cook and gather together for meals into a multi-use space used for working and teaching. This new expansion of the use expectancy of our kitchen is leading the charge in kitchen redesign.

One of the most popular kitchen remodels that have surged during the COVID-19 pandemic is the double island trend. This trend seems to have a lot of staying power, enough so that it’s a safe bet that it will outlast the days of the pandemic. As more and more companies are opting for a completely remote workforce, more people are finding themselves working from home permanently. Creating an inviting and inspiring space in your kitchen can help you get more done in style and comfort as you work from home.

Here are 3 reasons you should consider installing a double island in your home and few design ideas for your remodel. 


A double island kitchen provides the multifunctional aspect that is needed in the home of the future. A future that is not far off, but one that is being built right now as the world begins to reimagine living space in how it relates to work-life. Whether or not you have a designated office space, your kitchen will inevitably function as a workspace at some point. Be it a change of scenery to spark creativity or just a place to work while you eat; your kitchen will be worked in. 

Installing a double island kitchen is the best way to accommodate for both working and cooking. Typically one island is used for preparing and cooking food, serving, and eating. Some homeowners are opting for their cooking island to have a built-in sink. This helps in the cooking process and cements the island as the one for traditional kitchen use.

The second island is designed for all things not cooking. This includes working, teaching your kids when they are home from school, lounging, and entertaining your guests. This second island is built for comfort with a higher seating capacity, making it an ideal place to both work and eat.

Improved Kitchen Traffic 

The double island kitchen design streamlines your kitchen traffic process. This is an aspect of your kitchen that you might not have considered before the pandemic, but it has likely entered into your mind as you learned to live closely with your family and all those who live in your home. Traditional, pre-pandemic kitchens have turned into crowded pain points for countless homeowners. A double island kitchen is a solution to this pain point. Installing one in your kitchen will provide a clean and simple atmosphere in an otherwise cramped and crowded space. Adding a clear walkway between your two islands will improve the traffic flow in and out of your kitchen while increasing your working space and seating capacity. 

More Storage Space

In addition to adding more working and seating space, a double island kitchen will also increase your storage space. This is especially true if you have a traditional sit-down kitchen table. When you move your dining space from a designated area in your kitchen to a more bar-focused space on your dining island, you will open up your kitchen for more storage space. Wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling cabinets that run along the backside of the kitchen are becoming very popular in double island kitchens.  

How to Design Your Double Island Kitchen

Now, let’s talk about how you can design your double island kitchen in the way that works best for your home. Typically, there are four main designs for double island kitchens – parallel, T-shaped, wrap-around, and mismatched. Each one has it’s best uses and different reasons why it works best. The parallel and T-shaped designs are more traditional, but the wrap-around design can really open your kitchen. The mismatched design is best for homeowners looking to go bold and add some extra zing and uniqueness to their kitchen.

Let’s break down each of these double island kitchen designs. 


Parallel double islands provide a more traditional look in a new trend and design that has been born out of non-traditional circumstances. This traditional and practical design is one of the most popular double island configurations. The parallel design works best in large, square kitchens that allow for the parallel lines to become the focal point of the room. This design is one of the best for improving kitchen traffic as it creates clean, simple, and organized lanes of movement.


Working with a smaller kitchen? A T-shaped double island design is what you need. As the islands will be connected, you can fit in both islands in less space. This design is useful for coordinating the roles that your kitchen has come to play like a classroom for teaching your kids from home. It will allow you to prep and cook meals while keeping a close eye on your kids as they learn and work.


Looking for a double island kitchen that is best for entertaining dinner guests? Go with the wrap-around design. This layout is L-shaped and can accommodate larger crowds more comfortably than a crowded kitchen table. It’s also a great way to entertain your guests while you cook as one end is dedicated to cooking and the other for dining. The wrap-around layout is best for an open living floor plan where the kitchen and living room blend into one, as it will help to provide a distinction between your kitchen and living space.


Are you looking for a bold kitchen design that really makes a statement? Then install your double islands in a mismatched fashion. This layout is best for modern kitchens that provide the space for experimentation. You can position your islands in different spaces, and even different directions. Want to really make a statement? Choose mismatched materials such as wood and granite, different colors, or even different shapes for your islands. This is sure to be no ordinary kitchen design, but one that is rooted in creative originality.

Ready to Build Your Double Island Kitchen?

Does your traditional kitchen need a revamping to bring it into the modern world? Do you need more multifunctional space to work, learn, teach, live, and cook? NVS Kitchen and Bath is here to help. With locations in both Manassas and McLean, NVS is Northern Virginia’s preferred kitchen remodeler. Contact us today to get started on building the double island kitchen of your dreams.

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