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5 Apps to make Home Ownership Just a Little Bit Easier

5 Apps to make Home Ownership Just a Little Bit Easier

Home improvement apps can make all the difference in the world when you’re pressed for time and need certain things to make your life easier. We have apps that already call us cabs (Uber), help us slim down (Lose It), and can even find us people to randomly cuddle with (Spoonr – for those wondering). Use your smartphone to turn your house into a smart home and make life just a little bit easier.  We’re going to provide with the top 5 apps every homeowner should have within swiping distance.

5 Apps for Home Owners

Lose your house keys for good!

Swap that annoying process of pocket searching for a key for something a little bit more 21st century: the Schlage Sense system, specifically designed to work with the Apple HomeKit tech. Use their app to unlock your door or magically ask Siri to “Open, sesame!” Additionally, use your phone to handle up to 30 access codes and remotely check on lock status!

Instantly respond to Home Emergencies

Yes, home monitoring may seem a little creepy, but when it comes to emergencies, every second count. The Vimtag’s camera system features an “SOS” signal. If a home’s resident hits a separate emergency button linked to the Vimtag account, an alert is immediately sent out. The receiver of the alert can then use the app to quickly check the home network visually and audibly through the camera. Think of it as an “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” button linked to your phone for your home.

Streamline your Fridge

Cursed by rotting vegetables that somehow didn’t make it into a recipe before an untimely demise? Liberate your veggies from a slow death in the crisper drawer with the (where have you been all my life?) app “Pepperplate.” First, send recipes to the app and it will generate a shopping list as well as double and halve the ingredients lists – an app fit for a kitchen king. Share the shopping list with other roommates or family so they can help grab things up on the way back to the casa too. Best of all? If you cook one recipe and have leftover ingredients, the app will find another recipe to use ’em up. Veggie omelet, anyone?

Get a Butler

It’s a shame most households can’t afford a butler. But wait! Say hello to the app “Hello Alfred,” inspired by Batman’s trusty aide-de-camp. For $32 a week, you’ll be hooked up with a weekly visit from your own personal butler. Use the app to schedule which weekly tasks you need done, from dry cleaning or wine pickup to vanquishing the sink full of dirty dishes. And simply tap the app’s “Ask for Anything” icon to add special requests.

Fitbit your Lawn Care

Tired of having a lawn that’s untidy? Download John Deere’s free app, “MowerPlus.” Mowing frequency and patterning are vital to maintaining a healthy lawn, and this app, compatible with any brand of lawn mower, tracks your mowing history, prompts you when it’s time to fire up the mower again, and sets reminders for seeding. All this info helps keep your lawn lush for the all-important sunset cocktail hour.

As you can see, there’s a lot of apps you can use to make life easier. After all, how can you say no to your very own butler?

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