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5 Parts of Your Apartment or Home You Can Remodel To Make It More Attractive To Renters

5 Parts of Your Apartment or Home You Can Remodel To Make It More Attractive To Renters

When you finally decide to rent your home, you will want to get top dollar or it. Unfortunately, that will not happen without some effort. You need to make sure that the place is attractive to the people renting it. There are some parts of the house that you can remodel to ensure that you make the renters feel that they will not be renting just any old used home. Here they are:

The Kitchen

Most people look at a kitchen when they want to rent any space. It is what determines if they will want to spend their money on the property. Full remodels can be costly but a kitchen remodel can totally transform a space on a budget. You can change the cabinets, replace appliances, counters, and flooring. Old sinks and cabinets are not attractive to today’s renters. Choosing granites, quartz, or other upgraded surfaces will be attractive and give your rental space and luxurious feel, especially to millennials watching HGTV lately.

Bathroom, Anyone?

The Master Bathroom is the next place renters will want a look at. Nobody wants to rent a place with a bathroom that looks old. You can refinish the sink and the bathtub if you have one. Install new tile, counters, and fixtures. This will spruce up an old space quickly.

Lay it Down – Flooring

This is another part of the house that will either be appealing or repelling to the new renters. If you have old carpet or laminate, tear it out and install new flooring. Older wood floors can be refinished and this can be a popular look. But, you need to consider that tenants will not take care of your floors like you would. Tile, LVT, and durable carpets are better options if you’re worried about pets/wear and tear. As for the kitchen and bathroom floors, tile and LVT are popular choices.

Paint The Walls

New paint can really change a space. A fresh coat is affordable and will make the place look clean and new. Remove old wallpaper or dated wallcoverings. Current trends for paint colors include a lot of “greige” tones, which is a mix of grays and beiges. “Staying neutral is better than going for bright colors so your tenants can add their own colors via furniture and not by painting your walls,” says the property management experts at Residential Leasing & Management.

Lighting And Space

Renters will be looking for a place that has enough natural light. Be sure to get rid of any items that hinder that. Remove clutter and simplify your design to make the home look and feel more spacious.

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