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5 Ways to Add Value To Your Home Through Remodeling

5 Ways to Add Value To Your Home Through Remodeling

You love your home. It’s where your kids grew up, you burnt your first home-made dinner, spent hours by the fire watching the snow fall. Your home is where your heart was and is, and it’s been the best place for you to let your hair loose after a hectic day at the office. But if you want to maintain the overall value of your home or add value to it, you’re going to have to keep your home updated with strategic upgrades and design elements throughout your stay there. Remodeling can prove to be an effective way to increase the market value of your home even turning your home into your future investment.

Before planning your remodeling project, it is recommended for you to first speak to an experienced real estate agent who is experienced working in nearby homes and understands the average home sale prices in your immediate area. The agent will know exactly what additions and remodel projects can add the most value to your property. If you’re going to be covered in drywall dust, might as well get the most bang for that hard-earned buck.

But while creating a dream home is a dream come true for most homeowners, some of us tend to be “ballers on a budget,” so we’ve come up with a list of 5 ways to improve the value of your home starting from budget-friendly touchups to all-out upgrades.

Painting Really Marks Up the Offers

Painting is undoubtedly one of the easiest, simplest, and most cost-effective ways to give your home a breath of fresh air. Your home will look brand new, spick and span if you apply a fresh coat of paint on your walls. In addition to raising the value of your property, a fresh layer of paint does a fantastic job of improving your home’s curb appeal from the inside, complementing your design theme, and keeping your surfaces well-protected against the elements.

However, when choosing paint colors, we would recommend you stick to neutral colors. Neutral colors appeal to a wider category of people, making your home more desirable to a larger group of the buyer’s market if you plan to sell the home down the road. A gallon of paint, on an average, costs around $30. The tools you will require to paint, such as brushes, drop cloths, rollers, painter’s tape, etc., won’t burn a huge hole in your pocket either. You can also hire the services of an experienced contractor to paint your home; the professional services won’t cost you more than a thousand bucks give or take an accent wall or two. What we are trying to say is – painting is one of the cheapest ways you can remodel your house on a budget.

New Carpeting is a Comfy Way to Pad That Sale Price

When remodeling your abode, don’t forget to look down. Do you have carpets and area rugs? What condition are they in? Are they stained and worn out? Potential buyers can easily get turned off during inspection time when they see ill-maintained carpeting leading them down the rabbit trail of additional move-in maintenance expenses. Hence, they either ask for discounts on the home or eliminate the thought of going ahead with the purchase opting for something that’s move-in ready. New and clean carpets give off the impression that the rest of the house, like the carpets, are in top-notch condition.

Solid hardwood and vinyl floor require special preparations before installation, and they can be quite expensive too, but they last through a lot of wear and tear and can really compliment the design of a home. However, carpets can be installed over a wide range of sub-floors and have far less stringent requirements. In most cases, carpets cost less than hard surface floors.

Pro-tip: when buying carpets, splurge on high-end padding. This will keep your carpets standing straight for years to come. Also – try to have your carpets professionally cleaned once every 6 months – especially if you have a dog.

Increasing the Value of your Home Through a Kitchen Remodel

Here’s a fact for you! Kitchen renovation provides a higher return on investment than other upgrades in a single family home. Remodeling the kitchen can be a truly great investment not only for the next homeowner to grace your loving home, but it’s a huge benefit to you and your family. The kitchen is typically the most used room in the home, so, while we may be biased as one of Northern Virginia’s top kitchen remodelers, we vote that the kitchen gets the facelift first.

If you are on a shoestring budget and looking for ways to maximize your return on investment, we would advise you to focus on replacing worn flooring, countertops, and wall coverings, with contemporary, affordable products instead of splurging on exorbitantly-priced, state-of-the-art fixtures and appliances. If money is no object (yeah, right) consider a custom kitchen remodel like this one we completed in Burke, VA.

Bathroom Renovation

If your abode only boasts of a single bathroom, we would advise you to add another bathroom to your house. The improvement might be expensive, but it will undoubtedly add considerable value to your home come listing time. With the advancement in bathroom flooring, tiling the mimics woods, tiles that look like real stone, and even heated tiles give homeowners the options to turn their bathrooms into their home away from home. When choosing tiles, you can either opt for the classic white subway or get creative by incorporating fun patterns and shapes into the walls or floor.

When renovating your bathroom, you can also consider replacing your fixtures (shower head, faucets) with contemporary accessories that appeal to today’s market. While you’re in there, talk to your remodeler about additional storage space. You can expand storage options in the bathroom by installing floating shelves, cabinets, linen closets, etc.

How about you add to the décor of your bathroom? Do you have a piece of art that would look excellent in the bathroom? Even something as simple as a bouquet of flowers on the edge of your tub can add to the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Don’t get us started on the options when it comes to bathroom lighting. Chandeliers, pendant lighting, accents, and under cabinet lighting have all found their way from the kitchen to the bathroom.


From minor upgrades to entire remodels, there’s plenty of ways to get extra “Benjamins” when it comes to improving your home to be listing ready. Not only will the updates help breathe new breath into your home’s current facade, but they will also serve as a form of investment and raise the overall value of your home too. When you update and renovate your home, you also get the chance to enjoy the modern facilities yourself – which is something we’re big on at NVS Kitchen and Bath. And, when you put your house up for sale, you will be able to recoup a majority of your investment. As far as we are concerned, this is a win-win situation for you!

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