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5 Ways To Lower Your Garage Heating Costs

5 Ways To Lower Your Garage Heating Costs

Today’s garages have become more than just a place to keep the car, kids bicycle, tools, and power tools. The space is no longer only for storage, and it has evolved over the years acquiring new purposes such as an extra living space, a home office, or a play area. Given the numerous possibilities of the uses of a garage, the need to lower the heating costs for this part of the house should also be factored into the overall efforts of lowing the home’s energy bill. With that in mind, below are five things that can help lower the heating bill in the garage.

Avoid Leaving The Garage Open

The first step is the most obvious. Open doors and windows allow heat to escape outside. Therefore, reducing the amount of time the garage door stays open plays a vital role in lowering the heating bill. Conversely, the windows should only be open for a limited period, just enough to air to room like in the morning.

Inspect And Upgrade The Insulation

Having the right insulation in the garage is vital when it comes to reducing the heating costs. The focus should be on not only the wall but also the door, and windows. While the radiant sheathing and the outside siding are essential, taking the necessary insulation steps inside are equally needed. Pay attention to the areas where the floor and walls meet. The connection will shrink, swell, or move over time due to the weather changes. Applying a silicone based caulk or a quality foam sealant will also aid in ensuring the garage is adequately insulated.

Install An Insulated Garage Door

In as much as most walls in garages are insulated, there is a need to ensure that the garage door also has adequate insulation. If a new garage door is within your budget, find a reputable garage door specialist to help you pick the best doors for your home. Most people overlook the significance of upgrading their garage doors to the insulated types. Many garage doors are made from robust aluminum. They may offer good security but are a poor choice since they are effective in allowing cold and heat in and out of the room. The cost-effective option that beats spending hundreds on an insulated garage door is purchasing an insulation kit for the door. They have double-bubble radiant insulation that’s applied inside the door to hold heat inside during the cold months and radiate heat away during the hot summers.

Invest In Passive Solar Heating

No other time is crucial when it comes to having a well-heated garage than wintertime. Ideas such as using an electric heater or running the AC may offer some reprieve during such days; however, they are expensive options. So why not look to other cost-effective and energy-efficient options such as harnessing the power of the sun to heat the garage? A passive solar heating unit is not costly or laborious to build. You need to buy the necessary parts and have basic craft experience and the right tools for the job.

Upgrade The Floors

Many garages have concrete flooring, and these cement floors tend to develop cracks over time due to the constant change in temperature. If the cracks are not repaired, they drastically reduce the ability to regulate the garage temperature. They gradually expand beneath the surface sinking deeper into the foundation as they succumb to the effects of moisture and water in the ground. Adding quality mats or carpets can help prevent further damage to the floors therein enhancing temperature control in the garage. Moreover, the carpet, mats, or rugs, also add some aesthetic appeal to the place.


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