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5 Ways to Make Your White Kitchen Pop

5 Ways to Make Your White Kitchen Pop

Is your kitchen out of style? Chances are if it’s completely soaked in white then it’s soaked in the trends of yesteryear. White will always be a timeless color, regardless of context, but white on white on is slowly moving away from center stage when it comes to the place you cook and enjoy meals in your home.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to remodel your entire kitchen just because it’s all decked out in white. There are plenty of ways to add sizzling flavor to your kitchen in a way that is tasteful, unique, and will complement the parts of your white kitchen that will never go out of style. Changing out your upper or lower cabinets with a more colorful range can go a long way towards modernizing your kitchen. Other ideas include redoing your kitchen backsplash with eliquate and handmade tile. Or you can even go a much simpler route of just adding some warmer and stunning color to an accent wall.

There are plenty of ways to add some life to your white kitchen without scrapping what you’ve got entirely and starting new. Some ways are more costly and intensive, but others are quite simple. If you are looking to bring your kitchen into the 2020s, here are 5 ways to make your white kitchen pop.

Bold Cabinets 

Let’s start this kitchen updating process by talking about your cabinets. Completely updating both your upper and lower cabinets isn’t cheap, and it’s likely not needed. There are several ways to make your cabinets stand out in an all-white kitchen. In fact, white kitchens are the easiest canvas to work with when it comes to adding eye-catching features, as just about any color update will pop against a white backdrop.

You can opt to replace just your upper cabinets, or just your lowers. Refinished and refined wood is becoming a popular option for homemakers that choose to go this route. Particularly, oak cabinets.

Don’t want to replace your cabinets? Try painting them a bold color. Darker colors on the spectrum like navy, gray, sage, and forest green are trending these days. Painting just your upper or lower cabinets will go a long way towards bringing your white kitchen to life. 

White kitchens can often feel smaller and restricted. Painting your upper or lower cabinets a different shade will give your kitchen depth and dimension that will make it feel bigger and more inviting.

Dramatic Countertops

There are plenty of reasons why updating your kitchen countertops is a good idea. Rocking solid white quartz countertops? Have you noticed how marked up, scratched, and grimy they have become? That’s because oils can easily seep into quartz, and they are very vulnerable to heat and scuffing. Quartz countertops also require periodic upkeep like sealing that makes them a never-ending drain on your wallet.

White quartz countertops sure had their heyday, and boy did they look swell when they were first installed, but just as with all-white kitchens, quartz countertops are going out of style. Especially white quartz countertops.

Luckily, there are plenty of replacement countertops that go well with white. Oak is popular for countertops, not just cabinets. Butcher block is a great option here as it is very durable as well as aesthetically pleasing. Darker color granite countertops like gray and black also look great against complementing white kitchen amenities. Don’t want to stray too far from your coveted white? Cream-colored countertops can also be dramatic and make your white kitchen pop.

Tile that Makes a Splash

Looking for a way to bring color and personality into your white kitchen? Redoing your kitchen backsplash can help you do just that. Rich colors like green, navy, or even yellow can break the all-white monotony. 

Looking for something truly original? Commission a local tile maker for the job. This will ensure that your backsplash uses only handmade tile that is truly one of a kind. Tile makers are also great color and design consultants that can help you choose a style that works for you and your kitchen. This may be incorporating interesting tile shapes or even a multi-color design. Brick tile and fish scale tile are both very popular these days. Need a referral? Just ask NVS Kitchen and Bath. 

Warm Whites

Still in love with your white kitchen and afraid to go bold? Don’t stress. No one will take your white kitchen from you. Mixing in warmer whites is a great way to continue your current color pallet while adding some extra flavor. There is an infinite number of whites out there to choose from, and each one will add something a little different to your current white kitchen. Muted grey or creamy white will add some flair to your cabinets, your backsplash tile, or your countertops.

The Age of Wood

Wood has become a staple of eloquent, luxurious, and tasteful kitchen design. White oak and butcher block are being used both throughout entire kitchens and as statement pieces on countertops, islands, and cabinets. It’s also coming on the scene in a supporting role through floating kitchen shelves. Want something that is ultra rich and luxurious? Go with a rich redwood design that will truly stand out and make a statement. Looking for something exclusive? Commission new countertops, cabinets, or shelving from a local woodworker. This is sure to give your kitchen a truly unique look that will be commented on over and over at all your dinner parties.

Make Your White Kitchen Pop

Ready to dive into the world or rich color and material to make your white kitchen pop? Nobody knows kitchens better than NVS Kitchen and Bath. We are here to serve you as a trusted color and design consultant. With locations in both Manassas and McLean, NVS is Northern Virginia’s most trusted kitchen remodel company. Contact us today to get started on your journey to the perfect kitchen. 

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