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Ask These Questions Before Building a Deck

Ask These Questions Before Building a Deck

A deck sounds like a great idea. Sitting out outside and enjoying the sunset, family BBQs, and just more space. Whatever your reason is for wanting a deck, it is probably a justifiable one, but make sure to consider these few things when planning your deck build.

Ask yourself and your family members why you are building a deck. Resale value? More space? Entertainment? The answers might surprise you! Each answer will probably produce a different deck layout. Entertainment might make you opt for more open space, or resale value might make you check out what your neighbor’s decks layouts are. Whatever the case may be, sit down and figure out what you want to do with your outdoor deck space first.

To Deck or not to Deck.

Already know why you want a deck and are ready to move forward? Great! Let’s move on to budget. As with anything, your budget will determine a lot of what your new deck is going to look like. Are you planning on hiring a contractor or doing it yourself? Both options will have a different set of questions. If you plan on doing it yourself, do you know what permits you need to pull and the cost associated with those? If you are hiring a contractor- you’ll need to get a written estimate outlining the scope of the work as well as what charges that will be tied into it. Having a budget isn’t a bad thing and can actually keep you honest with yourself (and your contractor) in the end.

Already know why you are building your deck and have the budget set? Awesome, let’s talk location. You might say, “aren’t decks supposed to go behind the house?” and you aren’t wrong! The things that many people forget to take into account are sun and shade, the wind, privacy and the view.  You might not have a big yard to work with, so the limited space you have will be the only one you can use, but those with more yard should consider these different factors. A deck is great, but a deck with a view is even better. A good contractor will be able to guide you to the right area taking into account all the factors.

Now, let’s check on materials. That’s right if you have been looking at adding a deck you have probably been overwhelmed by the options! We all know the traditional wood decks, but did you know you can get composite, weather-resistant or pressure-treated? These are all great options and cater to different living styles. Check the specs and longevity of each option and choose the one that works for your family.

No matter what your reason for building a deck is, it can be a great investment for your family and your home. Make sure that you know what you are getting into when considering building the deck yourself. If you are going to use a contractor, make sure you get diverse quotes and do your research on your potential choice. Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy it when it is all done!

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