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Bathroom Holiday Gift Ideas

Bathroom Holiday Gift Ideas

’tis the season to give bathroom holiday gifts and we’ve got the top bathroom holiday gift ideas for your friends who seem like they live in their bathroom. We covered what to get the kitchen lovers in your life, but what about those that just like to soak in the bath? We have some great bathroom holiday gift ideas that are sure to make a splash!

The C-Pump – Bathroom Holiday Gift Ideas #1

We all like to feel and stay clean after we use the bathroom, and this modern soap pump does just that. The C-Pump Soap Dispenser allows you to wash your hands without touching the soap bottle. Best part- it doesn’t use batteries!

Archeology Soap – Explore the Bath

Parents know just how hard it can be to get a kid to take a bath. Consider this sudsy gift idea to those who have kids this holiday season. Archeology Soap Bars are the bee’s knees when it comes to making bath time a bit more fun. Uncover ancient dinosaurs all while scrubbing away the dirt (just don’t tell kids that)!

Bathroom Holiday Gift Ideas

The Potty Putter

We all have that one guy in our life who can’t get enough of golf. They spend their weekends working on their swing and don’t even get us started on what takes up most topics of conversation with them. Now, you can let them take their practice to a whole new level with the Potty Putter Putting Mat. No time for breaks and this practice mat does just that. If anything else, it makes for a great gag gift!

Shower Squids

If you have kids, you know how annoying all those shampoo and soap bottles can be, especially if you have more than one person sharing the space. Consider the Shower Squid as a cute way to clear up the clutter in your shower! This cute and handy stocking stuffer will be a kid favorite and a mom lifesaver!

J-me Toothbrush Holder

Sometimes it is hard to make brushing your teeth exciting for kids. The J-me Toothbrush Holder turns an ordinary toothbrush into crawling critter to get those teeth some prime time with the little ones. You can choose from four different animals: A pink flamingo, an orange giraffe, a green dinosaur and a yellow snake

Cupcake Shower Cap

Know someone who is a fan of shower caps? The Cupcake Shower Cap might just be the gift they never knew they wanted. This fancy little water resistant headdress can keep anyone’s hair dry and make them as cute as a button all at the same time. You can also get the frog and the queen cap too!

Moxie Bluetooth Shower Head

We all like to sing in the shower (whether we can or not is a different story). The Moxie Bluetooth Shower Head is the shower singers delight as you can bellow out the words and shower all in the same moment. What’s better than that? How about being able to take the speaker with you so you never miss a chorus! This removable shower head speaker can follow you around as you get ready in the morning making sure you hit your favorite notes before you head out of the house.

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