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4 Bathroom Remodeling Tips You Probably Don’t Know

4 Bathroom Remodeling Tips You Probably Don’t Know

Bathroom remodeling seems pretty straight forward, right? You gut the place and put in a new redesign and boom- done. Did you know that certain floors are better for bathrooms than others or that you can put in a carpet that never gets worn? From inlaid tile carpet that you never have to vacuum all the way to heated tile flooring, the options never end. Check out some of these bathroom remodeling tips you probably didn’t know but should.

Here are our Fav Bathroom Remodeling Tips (You Probably Haven’t Heard Of)

No one wants a slip and slide as soon as they get out of the shower. There are better ways to get an adrenalin rush than reaching for the towel only to be sliding across the bathroom floor. Choosing flooring can be both aesthetically pleasing and usable. For a not-so-slippery floor, you should look at textured tile surfaces or matte finishes. This takes the slip out of the bathroom and leaves you with pretty natural flooring that serves a purpose. Also, another option you could do is smaller tiles which allow more grout to be used throughout the bathroom and, in turn, will allow for more grip. Looking for an ease to care for bathroom floor? Go with a glazed finish or porcelain. You can go with natural stone if your contractor is good with them. If they aren’t sealed correctly, they can absorb water and discolor over time.

Amp it up – one of our favorite Bathroom Remodeling Tips. Many people forget about the electrical wiring of their bathroom as it is mostly out of site out of mind, but years of blow drying hair and never-ending toothbrush charges can leave you regretting this tip in the future. Change out your 15 amps for a 20 amp with plenty of outlets for the never-ending hairdo appliances that seem to come through the door.

The words “I can’t reach” can be a thing of the past. A designer uses basic dimensions as a starting point when redesigning a bathroom, but make sure you put yourself in the measuring. Some of us are height challenged and what works for tall people, might not work for you or me. Go into your bathroom and mark the spots that you can reach and make sure to let your designer know so they can take that into account when designing your bathroom.

Feel the power when choosing your future throne. We aren’t talking about Iron Throne from GoT, but we are talking about your toilet. No one likes a weak flush in their time of need. Do some research and get a potty with a MaP score over 500. This will guarantee you’ll leave the bathroom feeling like the King of Castle black instead of hunched over with a plunger feeling like the… you know what.

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Options for bathroom remodeling are never ending and can be useful after the fact if you plan correctly. Make sure to partner with an experience bathroom remodeling company and designer. They will be able to tell you what works and what might be a bad idea when choosing options for your future bathing kingdom.

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