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Cabinet Styles You Might Not Have Heard Of But Totally Need

Cabinet Styles You Might Not Have Heard Of But Totally Need

Ever wondered what cool cabinet features you could install in your kitchen remodel? Look no further! We are going to cover some cool and not so known cabinet features that will send you running to your local cabinet store!

Trending Types of Cabinetry in 2017

Dual-Entry Cabinets

Have you ever heard of a dual-entry cabinet? This cabinet type is a trendy option that not only allows you to access the contents of the cabinet from the front, but there is also a door on the side that opens up to the cabinet box. This style is great for cabinets that face outward or end abruptly.

Double Silverware Drawers

Double silverware drawers are an organized person’s dream feature! This cabinet style comes with premade sections for your silverware and has two levels. The first level pushes back revealing even more utensil storage!


You might have heard of a lazy susan, but did you know that you can get ones that rotate independently? An independently moving lazy susan makes it easy if you know you need to grab something from just the top or just the bottom. Another great storage idea for corner cabinets!

Tilted SinkTrays

A tilted out sink tray is just what you ugly sponges have been looking for to keep them hidden and out of sight! This tray is a neat feature that is used instead of the faux drawer fronts you often see under the sink. You can now keep those used sponges out of sight and your kitchen looking as good as ever!

Pull-Out Trashcan Cabinets

If you like hidden sponges than you are going to love this next hidden drawer option, you can get a pull-out trashcan cabinet. Unsightly trash bins can bring down the look of a newly remodeled kitchen, so what better than to put the trash can in a cabinet, so everyone is none the wiser!

Mixer Lift-Out Trays

This next option could be our favorite. Many of us have big kitchen mixers that take up a lot of countertop real estate, but that is such a thing of the past! Introducing the mixer lift-out tray that does all the heavy lifting for you! This cabinet feature keeps your heavy mixer out of site but allows you to easily lift it up without having to try and muscle your way through it. You can use it right on the stand and push it down and away when you are done. The lift-out mixer tray is a great idea if you bake a lot and don’t like the look of the mixer on your counters.

Toe Kick Cabinetry

We know how important storage is to you and that’s why we are going to tell you about the toe kick cabinet. You know the space between the bottom drawer and the floor? That is where you’ll find the toe kick cabinet. This feature utilizes every inch of your kitchen by turning it into functional storage space for pans and pizza trays that seem to always take up to much cabinet room.

No matter what your cabinet wants are, they probably have an option for it! Stay tuned for even more secret cabinet features you may not have known about but could absolutely want in your kitchen remodel!

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