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Check out this Classic Kitchen Remodel in Alexandria Virginia

Check out this Classic Kitchen Remodel in Alexandria Virginia

Looking for kitchen remodeling inspiration for your aging Alexandria Kitchen? Look no further – this NVS Kitchen and Bath designed and installed remodel features all the classic inspiration with a twist you’ll need to figure out what you want to see in your remodel project!

Be Inspired by this Alexandria Kitchen Remodel!

Let’s face it – there are more combinations for kitchen remodels than there are cars on the road during 95 rush hour at the mixing bowl. From countertop choices to cabinetry to paint to tile to – you get the point, the combinations are endless, but finding the winning one can be easier than hitting the Powerball in the VA lottery!

Our favorite method of figuring out what you want is finding out what you like. And the best way to find out what you like is to explore other remodel project and glean inspiration from photos, designs, and designers! Hey – Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

For today’s inspiration, we’d love to invite you to take a sneak peak into our recently completed Alexandria Kitchen Remodel. This is a favorite of mine because while it looks to be a classic design at a glance, this kitchen comes packed with some unique and fun design twists! Let’s get started…

Kitchen Backsplashes to DIE For

Check out this backsplash – isn’t it awesome? What a wonderful way to make a design truly unique. The homeowner went with a floral pattern subtle enough to be able to resell one day without rolling eyes of real estate agents but bright enough to add an accent color for the kitchen. It frames up the stove top perfectly and acts as a centerpiece that takes up no countertop space!

Roll, Roll, Roll Your… Island?

Looking for more? Here’s my favorite part – the kitchen island is a rolling kitchen island. So yes – this kitchen is never the same. It’s constantly morphing into the perfect kitchen to fit the homeowner’s lifestyle – not the other way around!

This unique little design twist means that the kitchen is ever-changing – much like the lifestyles of busy households. Need floor space? Wheel the island into the breakfast nook. Need serving space? Add it to the end of a countertop to create an extended counter. Not to mention the cutting board built into the island with a hidden bin making cleanup as easy as, well, rearranging the floor design (who else can say that, huh?).

It’s Black ‘n White.

Storage, storage, storage! There’s never enough of it, so when you’re going to commit to a kitchen remodel, adding in as much storage as necessary is a must! We’re really happy with the look of this – the Alexandria homeowners went with a striking contrast to the white kitchen cabinets by selecting dark cabinetry for their butler’s pantry. Talk about eye-catching! Adding dynamic like this really opens up the space rather than going with a solid, flat color throughout. Plus – did I mention storage?

With Cherry on Top – or Bottom.

Check out this flooring and cabinetry one-two combo. I love a light cabinet and a darker floor – it draws the eyes up and around and creates again – a more dynamic space. While some choose “matchy matchy,” the latest trends are all opposites. Like they say, opposites attract, right? And I couldn’t agree more in this stellar kitchen remodel right in the heart of Old Town Alexandria. They balanced out the changing colors with a solid white backsplash (save that stellar accent over the stove) to keep things consistently interesting (yes – I made that up, but I think it applies perfectly here).

Looking for Kitchen Remodeling in Alexandria, VA? We know a Guy.

We don’t want to brag, but after 31 years – we know a thing or two about remodeling kitchens (and bathrooms) in Northern Virginia. NVS Kitchen and Bath is a locally owned, Virginia born and bred remodeling company whose craftsmanship is only matched by its customer service (sometimes we wonder if we’re actually a customer service center who happens to sell kitchen remodeling). So if you’re looking to get out with the old and in with the remodel, might we recommend NVS’s talented (award-winning) design team? From start to finish, you Alexandria home will have an on-site lead carpenter who handles everything – while you enjoy the remodel ride.

Remodeling your home doesn’t have to be stressful – and it definitely won’t with NVS Kitchen and Bath. Interested in learning more? Drop by our showroom or schedule an appointment with one of our designers. Ready to get going on that remodel? Contact us by filling out this short remodel questionnaire!


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