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Why You Might Consider a Whole House Remodel

Why You Might Consider a Whole House Remodel

You read that correctly, and no, I am not joking. A whole house remodel isn’t for the faint of heart but can make your dreams come true. You may think, “just move” and many people do, but what about the people who love their neighborhoods and school districts? Let’s look at some reasons why a whole house redo might before you.

You love your neighbors and don’t want to leave them

Many people love their neighborhoods and want to stay with them. Let’s face it; sometimes good neighbors are hard to find! Good neighborhoods are a reason that many people will turn their house into the perfect home.

Your family is growing

Another reason to renovate is that your family is growing and you love everything about the house except for the room. A whole home remodel can give you just that. Take down a few walls and open the place up will allow you to grow into the space with your family.

You don’t want to leave your Memories

This may sound crazy, but it isn’t as easy moving memories you’ve created over the years as it is boxes. Sentimental reasons are some of the main reasons people opt in for staying in their homes! You can maintain the same feel of the home you grew to love while also accommodating your families needs.

Aging in Place

Aging in place is a wonderful reason to go for a whole home renovation. A lot of times when someone ages, they no longer have the mobility they once had. Aging in place remodel allows them the freedom of living on their own while still accommodating to lessened mobility.

Elderly family is moving in

Some people have their aging parents or relatives move into the home and want to make accessibility as easy as possible for them. In-law suites and second story additions allow for space and privacy while also bringing the family together under one roof. This type of remodel can also allow for expansion in kitchens and around tight corners making the house user-friendly and catering to everyone’s needs.

Flipping a house

The biggest and most well-known reason for a whole house remodel is with fixer-uppers. We have seen it on TV a million times, you buy a house and gut the thing, make it pretty and sell it for a profit. You aren’t necessarily catering to changing family dynamics, so the design possibilities are endless! Just makes sure you know what you are getting yourself into when you go the flipping route. The DIY shows make it seem easy and they always end up pulling it off at the last second- but remember, it is a show and they are sticking to script. Do your research before diving in head first. Hire a responsible and credible general contractor and save yourself some grief later on.

No matter what reason you have you have for a whole home remodel, the thing to remember is that doing your research first can really answer a lot of questions and get the ball rolling if this type of remodel is for you.

Interested in learning more about whole house remodels? Stay tuned!

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