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Deck Facts You Might Not Have Known

Deck Facts You Might Not Have Known

Decks are a destination spot for any home. What is more fun than sitting outside on a warm summer evening watching the sunset and enjoying company on your deck? You might be looking to add a deck onto your home so make sure to continue reading to find out five deck facts you might not have known.

You might not have known, but your deck stain probably won’t last forever. Have you ever driven by an old and gray looking deck that seems like it has seen its better days? The worn look is likely because the stain on the deck has worn away from varying temperatures and weather. The best way to pretreat your deck to keep the vibrant stain longer is to pressure wash your deck and then sand it with a 60-80 grit abrasive. Doing this will allow your stain to last long into the changing seasons.

Deck Facts You Probably Didn’t Care to Know

You need to choose your deck screws and nails wisely. Something you might not take much thought to is your deck’s nails and screws, but these things are the first thing to show wear and tear. You don’t want to choose nails that begin to rust only months after the install! When a deck begins to fail, you can most likely point to poor fixings as the culprit. Make sure to get deck quality nails that are coated and designed to last outside.

The way you design your deck will affect its life. Wood needs to be able to breathe so that it can dry out after rain or a spring thaw. If you build your deck with no spaces between the slats, you will be promoting wood rot in a big way. The design and location of your deck will have a big play on if your deck will last 15 years or 40.

Your deck isn’t just a set-it-and-forget-it addition to your home. Just like any addition, you will need to take care of your deck by yearly maintenance. There are deck cleaners you can do once a year in order to keep the stain looking like new. Every so often, preferably before winter, you will also want to go through and pull and replace any screws are nails that are popping out. This will keep your deck looking like new when spring comes.

Consider synthetic decking to save you loads of work later on. Synthetic decking has become increasingly popular as it saves you from wood warp and fading years after the deck has been installed. The price of this decking style is more upfront because you are getting all the future labor of the deck staining wrapped into the building material as opposed to its wood counterpart that needs to be restained many times throughout its lifetime. Synthetic decks don’t have to be restained or resanded as they are made from plastics or plastic/wood fiber blends and won’t have the same wear that wooden decks do.

Decks are a great addition to any home and can last your family for years with the proper care and maintenance. Consider these factors when choosing a deck design and make sure to do your research before purchasing the lumber.

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