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5 Reasons to hire a Design Build Firm for Your Bathroom Remodel

5 Reasons to hire a Design Build Firm for Your Bathroom Remodel

Thinking about a Bathroom Remodel? You’ve mulled it over and spent countless hours narrowing down your choice for your first remodel project in your home. You all finally decided to give the bathroom its much-needed overhaul and can already picture yourself throwing up your feet and relaxing in your new bathtub. But wait! Before you head off and imagine your future bubble bath, make sure you read this to save you some time and headache down the road.

Why You Should Hire a Design Build Contractor for your Bathroom Remodel

First, decide whether you want to hire an architect, an interior designer or a design/build firm. Are there actual differences between the three? Yes, and the differences are pretty big. An architect can help you with your layout. They are pros at knowing where the electrical goes but might not have an eye for design. You can hire an interior designer and have a gorgeous looking space, but you might end up short on outlets or flipping the switch to turn on the lights and the garbage disposal turns on. If you want a one-stop-shop you will need to find a design/build firm. They can accommodate both the design elements as well as the nitty gritty electrical and plumbing.

What does design/build even mean? A design/build bathroom remodeling firm means that one company (the design-build team) works together under one roof to provide both design and construction services. One place with one contractor working together from the initial start of the project all the way to completion in order to make you one happy homeowner. Sounds great, right? Well, there are even more reason’s to consider a design/build firm.

A design/build firm can actually save you money and time on your bathroom remodeling project because of faster delivery. If it is a good d/b firm, they will have done this project more than once and can give you references. Everything falls under one roof, saving you the hassle and streamlining the entire process.

Since it is all done at the same place, they are able to save you time (and frustration) because you don’t have to get the tile guy to call the electrician who missed the plumber and needs a key to get in the house. Imagine being at work and getting a call from 4 different guys trying to figure out what you want them to do. A design/build firm takes care of all of this. You have your designated project manager who takes care of all the annoying calls and will give you a rundown whenever you need or want it.

The best part of hiring a d/b firm for your remodeling project is that your renovation becomes the firm’s responsibility. If anything goes wrong it falls on one entity- the design/build firm. Imagine if you walk into your remodel project to see that someone put the toilet where the bathtub goes, you won’t have to go back through and figure out who did what and whose fault it is. This makes your life easier and holds the firm to a higher standard as they want to make the entire process seamless from start to finish.

Let’s talk contacts. When hiring a design/build firm you sign one contract for the project. Imagine going to a contractor that doesn’t do everything and having to sign a contract for each step with different businesses. What if something goes wrong? Who do you blame? A design/build firm takes on the full risk of the project and provides one contract to cover everything. This means you can focus on your project instead of managing disparate contracts.

Remodeling your bathroom can be the best thing you’ve ever done. Don’t regret the process by trying to juggle everything yourself. Make sure to partner with a well-known design/build firm that can make your remodel fun and less stressful.


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