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Explaining the Different Types of Paint Finishes

Explaining the Different Types of Paint Finishes

Naturally, when you’re painting the interior of your home, you really want it to be expressive of who you are as a person. More of a reserved kind of person. Beige is a good go-to color. Feeling a bit more adventurous? You could try all sorts of bright colors, like yellow or red. One thing that tends to slip most people’s mind, however, is the paint finish. Ultimately, the type of paint finish you’ll get depends on what effect you’re going for. Don’t worry, in this article, we’ll break down the process of selecting the perfect paint finish for your home.

Using Flat/Matte Paints

Want something nonreflective and simple? It’s hard to go wrong with a flat finish. This kind of finish is perfect for those who might want to cover some surface blemishes or smoothen the tone of your walls. This type of finish is perfect for those looking to liven up their bedrooms, dining rooms, formal living rooms, and ceilings. Use remodeling apps like Houzz to get inspired on paint and paint finishes.

Similar to flat finish is a matte finish. They’re both nonreflective, and great at hiding those pesky surface imperfections. However, matte finish has an angular shine, which makes it easier to clean and maintain than a flat finish.

Satin Paint Finishes are Velvety Smooth

Looking for a highly durable, yet lustrous finish for that one special room? With a velvety appearance and easy to clean nature, this finish is perfect to use in areas that have a lot of visitors. However, satin finishes’ fatal flaw is its inability to hide application flaws: even the slightest askew in brush strokes will be visible, making it imperative that care is taken when applying it. Additionally, doing future touch-ups can also be a pain due to this aspect of satin.

Eggshell Finish gives Your Room Some Subtle Shine

Don’t worry, this type of finish doesn’t actually have anything to do with eggshells. Like its namesake, eggshell finishes have a flat look with little luster. Unlike satin, they’re great at hiding application flaws and are easy to touch up in the future. For these reasons, they make a great finish for high traffic areas prone to scratches and scuffs.

Clean it, Clean It Real Good with Semi-Gloss

Semi-gloss is a lustrous and durable finish, which makes it a versatile paint finish. It’s especially useful in places that have to be cleaned frequently, like kitchens, bathrooms, and any utility areas.

Floss it with Glossy Paint Finishes

If you love the idea of semi-gloss, but want something a little more accentuating, then gloss finish is the perfect finish for your needs. Like gloss, it can be used in areas that have to be cleaned frequently, but it’s also perfect for areas you want to draw a bit of attention to, like wood trims, cabinet doors, and furniture.

Low Luster/Medium Luster

Low luster finishes are a smooth, subtle finish for those who’d like the easy to clean nature of a flat finish while looking for a more nuanced form of expression. Like a semi-gloss and gloss finish, low luster finishes are durable and sure to last you a long time.

Medium luster finishes are like low luster finishes but have a more apparent sheen. This means it’s perfect for accentuating easy to overlook aspects of one’s home, like trims and doors.

While this list might be overwhelming, just take a deep breath and think hard about each room’s specific need. Each finish meets different needs and can do a lot for the overall appearance of the room. With the information we’ve given you, it should be easy to add those final touches and make your house, your home.

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