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Four Reasons Why You Need A Deck

Four Reasons Why You Need A Deck

Adding a deck to your house can seem tedious and overwhelming. We are here to give you the 411 on why adding a deck to your home could be your best decision yet! On the fence about it? Keep reading as we have four reasons you should hop off the fence and hop on your brand new deck!

You Need a Deck. Here’s Why.

Decks have been a great addition to homes for years. Whether you are looking for a private “get-away” or just more space- decks have always been a go-to answer. Let’s go over why you should consider a deck builds for your home:

First, let’s go over cost. Yes, a deck is going to cost you some money, but a lot less than a home addition will! You can get a deck for an average of $20-$35 a square foot (depending on materials) versus an addition which can be well over $100 a square foot. Decks are a great way to add square footage to your home without the big dollar signs.

Pipe up and ask for recommendations. See a deck you pass by every day and absolutely love? Don’t hesitate to knock on their door and ask who performed the project. Not only will you get a good direction, but you will also be able to ask them how their construction project went first hand! Not a fan of door-to-door referrals? Ask co-workers and friends who had their decks done who they went with. They can save you tons of time and can probably give you better insight on what to expect.

Not sold yet? How about this! Decks are considered a quick build. That means you can get it started and finished and be able to enjoy it all in a short amount of time. Heads up though, if you decide that you are your buddies are going to build the deck- you might want to plan for extra construction time. Things come up, and people get busy, and deck plans can get pushed back. If you want to avoid this, make sure to hire an experienced deck contractor for your project. They can save you time and money and save your summer!

Ready for our next pro? Try this one on for size. The aesthetic appeal and resale value of decks might make you look twice. A lot of people look for that extra space to entertain when they are house hunting. A deck means you can ask more than the houses sold in your neighborhood without decks. Plus, have you seen how good a house looks with a deck on it? The aesthetic appeal of a deck will get people stopping in and looking around if you do decide to sell.

Lastly, but definitely not least, is entertainment. There is nothing better than having your friends and family over and firing up the grill and enjoying an evening outside on your deck. Decks provide a space (away from critters and bugs) that inspire memories to be made and great times to be had. Not the party animal you used to be? Consider it to be your own private oasis away from the hustle and bustle that your home can be. You can sit out, collect yourself and just enjoy your surroundings.

No matter what reason you have for wanting to add a deck to your house- it is probably a good one. With the proper research and knowledge on contractors and costs, you can’t go wrong with a deck addition!

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