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To Hire or not to Hire: That is the Question

To Hire or not to Hire: That is the Question

You might be finally ready to pull the trigger on your remodel project, and we totally support that! But are you ready to hire a remodeling contractor? I mean, why not do it yourself? We know there are a million YouTube videos out there giving you a step by step instruction on how to demo a wall or rip out cabinets. Before you grab that hammer, keep reading to find out the reason why you should consider hiring a remodeling contractor for your project.

How to Know When to Hire a Remodeling Contractor

Let’s look at those dollar signs. You might say, “I know, right? A remodeler can cost! Let me just do it myself and save a few.” You aren’t wrong but how much would it cost you if you hit a water line or took down a load-bearing wall by accident. Those dollar signs can add up and fast. A remodeler can save you money (and a wet basement) because they know what to look for and how to do it. Want to talk about something that can cost you? Let’s talk about tools. A remodeler will have already accumulated all the necessary tools for a construction project, but do you have a miter-saw just laying around? What are you going to use to cut the tile? These are things that many people don’t think about until they have already started the teardown.

Can you sustain your DIYness? You know when you have all the great ideas and perfect planning where you are going to knock this entire project out in one weekend, and it turns out to be months? Ya, that DYIness. You could know more than the average Joe when it comes to remodeling and might be able to get the job done on your own- but life gets in the way sometimes, and the first thing that is put off is your project. Consider the plus side of hiring a remodeler is that they are there to get in and get out and get the job done. After all, that is their job and making you happy is a close second!

Be real with yourself – what is your skill level. Ever heard the saying, “Botched remodel projects are paved with the best of intentions?” Okay, we might have just made that up, but it doesn’t mean it’s wrong! Knowing how to do something and knowing how to do something right can be a huge difference when it comes to construction. Take a minute and really think about your skill set. Can you handle the project if something big comes up? Are you able to get this project done in a doable time frame? Learning remodeling skills is a great thing, but might be better suited for smaller weekend projects.

Good help is hard to come by so make sure if you decide to go in the direction of a remodeler that you do your homework and check out websites where people have left reviews. No matter what you decide, you can rest assured we will be here when you need us!

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