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3 Reason of why Hiring a General Contractor is a Better than Going It Alone

3 Reason of why Hiring a General Contractor is a Better than Going It Alone

We have all been there. You finally decide on updating a room in your home, and now you are torn between saving a few dollars and doing it yourself or hiring a general contractor. There are plusses to both sides regardless of what you choose, but you can waste a lot of money if you don’t know how to DIY. Check out these reason of why hiring a contractor is a better decision than going it alone.

3 Reason Hiring a General Contractor is a Good Idea

Time. Ever heard the phrase, “If a man says he’ll fix it. He will. No need to remind him every six months.” A general contractor can save you TONS of time on your remodel project. Most people who decide to do it themselves have to deal with the learning curve of trying it out for the first time. Most general contractors have “been there, done that” and know exactly what to do and when to do it. Take pulling permits. Do you know where to go? Do you know which ones you need? A (good) general contractor will be able to take care of all of the permits for you without you having to lift a finger. Know what else? The contractor knows where all the best deals are. Instead of you sitting online at 2 in the morning trying to find the best deal on the hardwood- you could leave it all up to the contractor and just focus on what look you like instead.

Quality. You’ve just put up a lot of money for this remodel, and the last thing you want is things falling apart a month after the project has been completed. A general contractor will take it upon himself to give you the best quality he can because he knows you can get on a review site and let the world know of his poor workmanship. Try telling your family member or spouse that they didn’t do a good job. You will probably get a good belly laugh if you are lucky. A general contractor who has been around for awhile and knows what they are doing will be able to produce an amazing project with great attention to detail. A professional is who you want doing your project- someone who puts their name on the line when it comes to the craftsmanship of your remodel.

Insurance. Didn’t think about that, did you? What if your husband busts through a water line and floods the basement? What if he demolishes the wrong wall? Not saying all husbands are accident prone, but you can never plan for the unexpected. A general contractor will carry the proper liability insurance and will be able to take care of you and your home if something bad were to happen on their account. Believe us when we tell you that we have fixed many a good intention!

No matter if you choose to do it yourself or hire a contractor, just make sure you plan for the worst case scenarios (and always have a reliable plumber on call)!

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