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How to Budget for a Sunroom Addition

How to Budget for a Sunroom Addition

If only greenhouses could grow money trees! But since they don’t, and we’re talking sunrooms, we’re hitting the books and delving into T charts and math to come up with the perfect budget for a sunroom remodel.

What to Budget for a Sunroom Addition

It’s important to note a few things before factoring in the costs of windows and siding. Sunrooms – and any remodel project for that matter – can be seen as an investment in both lifestyle and sale prices. According to Remodeling Magazine, Sunroom remodels have held steady at a return of 46.5%. That’s like saying you pay me $100 to enjoy living in your bigger, sunnier home for a few years, and when you’re ready to move, I give you $50 back.

We can’t talk returns without making a note – the highest return on remodeling dollars is always in the kitchen followed by bathrooms. While sunrooms may not count as a kitchen remodel, a 50% return is still worth moving forward creating your dream home.

If you really want to make your sunroom addition an addition to your sales price as well, bigger is better. Turning the space into a functional room will help when it’s time to toss the keys to a new buyer. Energy efficiency is a big boon as well. And making the house look more attractive from the outside will attract more than a packed open house – it’s a great way to get more money from your home sale.

Location is everything when it comes to sunrooms – they’re not called “sunrooms” for nothing. “A true sunroom takes advantage of southern exposure.” Talk with your builder about the optimal location for both your addition and the sun – one can be moved ahead of time, the other can’t.

Speaking of sun – sun means sunrays and that means energy efficiency or lack thereof. Go with a builder (like NVS Kitchen and Bath) who knows sunrooms and how to build them. Using the wrong type of windows will result in a steam room rather than a sunroom. “Window glass should have a strong energy rating, such as “Low-E,” which helps keep the room warm in winter and cool in summer.”

So, what’s this all going to cost? The average cost for sunrooms hovers around $70,000. Before you pass out due to sticker shock, remember that nearly half that comes back to you in the form of resale value and the other half goes into making the enjoyment of your home better for you and your family. Sunrooms are the perfect way to let the outside in sans the insects. They extend the livable floor space in your home and can really be transformed into whatever you want the space to be!

Interested in sunroom builders? NVS Kitchen and Bath knows a thing or two about renovations having served the Northern Virginia area for over 30 years (and many remodeling projects). We’d be happy to help you plan the perfect addition for you and your family.

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