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How to Choose Bathtubs

How to Choose Bathtubs

Which Tub Should Be Your Tub

We all dream of soaking in a bathtub in pure silence with our favorite song playing quietly in the background as candles melt the stress of life away, right? But How to Choose Bathtubs we’ll love for years? Well, we know we do here at NVS Kitchen and Bath, and that is why we are going to break down bathtubs today. Not all bathtubs are created equal, so which one do you choose? Do you go for looks or do you go for price- let’s dive in!

Acrylic and Fiberglass

First, let’s test the waters and see what kind of tubs are out there on the market. Some of the options (and the price tags) will surprise you. The most basic kind of tub is the acrylic and fiberglass tubs. You will find these in more builder grade homes around the area. They come in an array of colors and will range anywhere from $700 to $1,700 for a fairly standard tub. Want to get fancy and add lights and jets- that can set you back up to $18,000.


Ever see those beautiful bathrooms from old movies that are held up on the bathroom floor with little lion feet? These “Gone with the Wind” type tubs are known as cast-iron tubs and make a statement in any bathroom. Cast-iron tubs are known for their ability to keep water warmer longer and their unforgettable timeless look. These tubs can set you back up to $11,000 and make sure you have some strong guys to bring it into your home- these bad boys have some serious weight to them. They can weigh upwards of 300 pounds just by themselves!


These are probably a rarity, and you’ll be lucky enough to see one in your lifetime, but the copper tubs are one heck of a statement piece. Your friends will stop by just to see your tub (but hopefully not take a dip in it). The unmistaken color makes it the center of attention, but make sure that your pocketbook is ready for such a statement. These tubs can range between $4,000 to $50,000 depending on the size and detail.

Enameled Steel

Have kids and dogs that take the occasional bath? The enameled steel bathtub might just be the thing you were thinking of. Although they have limited colors, this tub is both scratch and stain resistant making it a great choice for those little ones who might bring the random Tonka Truck into bath time. This tub will set you back a between $350 for the lower end ones to about $1,000 for the more name brand ones you can find at home improvement stores.

Stone and Wood

You read that correctly, my friend. You didn’t think we’d talk about stone when covering How to Choose Bathtubs. You can actually get a piece of rock carved into your luxury bathtub where you can become one with nature (without all the bugs). These stone and wood tubs will only come as freestanding options because who wouldn’t want to show off this piece of art. The price you ask? Brace yourself, because these tubs range anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000. Just a small chunk of change of that end-of-the-week relaxing bath we were talking about before, right?

We love us some baths, but many families are now opting for bathrooms with beautiful walk-in showers that are a bit more function than taking a bath in a giant rock. Once you learn How to Choose Bathtubs, make sure that it fits your lifestyle and doesn’t become an unforgotten bathroom fixture in the future.

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