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How to Choose Kitchen Colors

How to Choose Kitchen Colors

We love choosing what cool drawer organizers are going to go into our new kitchen remodel or what type of countertops we will be choosing, but nothing will make you fall out of love with your new kitchen faster than the wall color will. That is why we are going to cover some kitchen colors and which color is right for you.

Timeless Colors Last a Lifetime

We all know those timeless colors that go with anything and everything and never go out of style. Cream and off-white are what come to mind first. The light brown and the touch of gray can also go a long way in giving your space a hint of color without overdoing it. Think this is too timid and wish you express your colorful personality? Think about doing it with the curtains and window coverings! This way you can get your pop of color without having to repaint the whole kitchen when you get tired of it. Statement pictures in large frames can also show off your colorful personality and a less permanent way!

Choose a Color to Match Your Kitchen

Every home is a different size and different layout when it comes to the kitchen. Some boast large islands and others are more space efficient, but no matter what kitchen type you have- make sure the color fits the space. What does this mean? It means that if you have a smaller kitchen, you will want to choose lighter color cabinets and walls so that the space feels open and airy. If you have the big grandiose stately kitchen, you will be able to go with a darker floor and walls to match. Whatever color you choose just make sure the color matches the square footage.

Neutral Isn’t Always Bad

Neutral colors are most people’s go-to when it comes to kitchen walls. It is easy to have the wall set the undertone for the rest of the kitchen, letting that cabinets and countertops take center stage. Neutral colors can still be warm and inviting and can really bring the room together. Think about taking a closer look at the colors in the countertop as they are great colors to play off of with the walls. Have a kitchen that gets a lot of sunlight? Think about a cream color that can bounce the sunlight off of and give that cozy feeling we all love to walk in to. Are you thinking about moving in the future? Many interior designers will suggest going the neutral route because it makes for a better resale of the home. More people can picture themselves in a home with neutral colors than they can in homes with bright colored walls. Here’s a little bit about what your kitchen paint color says about you.

Kitchen Colors

No matter what you decide to go with for your kitchen colors, make sure the space represents you. After all, you are going to be the one using it long after the construction is complete and the designers are gone!

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