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NVS’s Own Jessica Page Rescues 93 Year Old Grandmother from Hurricane Irma’s Path

NVS’s Own Jessica Page Rescues 93 Year Old Grandmother from Hurricane Irma’s Path

Amidst all the talk and speculation about the upcoming landfall of the dreaded category 5 Hurricane Irma, NVS’s own designer, Jessica Page, doesn’t wait for bad things to happen – she prevents them.

Jessica Page of NVS Kitchen and Bath Rescues Grandma from Florida

After witnessing the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area, Jessica Page and her father decided that the 93-year-old grandmother of Jessica, who lives in a nursing home in Fort Meyers, Florida, needed rescuing – despite the woman’s objections.

Featured in NBC12, Jessica and her father recount the 14-hour drive navigating dead stopped traffic caused by hurricane evacuees to reach 93-year old Janet Prior at her nursing home in the state lying directly in the path of the hurricane touted to be one of the worst yet.

NBC12 – WWBT – Richmond, VA News On Your Side

Jessica and her father loaded up an RV late Tuesday to reach Janet before the storm hit, but once they got down to the Ft. Meyers area, they were faced with another obstacle.

“There was no gas – not even diesel,” says Jessica. They drove for hours to find a gas station with enough fuel to get them back on the road towards safety back in Virginia.

Despite Mrs. Pryor’s objections, the call was a good one. Afer the devastation that was caused by Hurricane Harvey – specifically to the elderly – Jessica Page is proud to have her grandmother nearby with no threats of loss of power, flooding, or potentially worse damage caused by a hurricane of this magnitude.

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