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Kitchen Lighting Trends For 2018

Kitchen Lighting Trends For 2018

Kitchen Lighting Trends For 2018

The kitchen is a dynamic space that is used for seemingly endless reasons throughout the day. It’s a place that needs to be looked after carefully and upgraded often. But before we even talk about remodeling your kitchen, we have to talk about kitchen lighting. Adding new lighting features in your kitchen not only helps improve the visual appeal of your space, it also helps increase the overall value of your property.

“Get better lighting!” seems like an easy task, but with the barrage of options on the market today, a simple lighting upgrade can easily become a daunting task. Not all lighting options are created equal! Rule of thumb – install lighting features that not only blend in well with the interiors of your kitchen, but also accentuate the paint in the room, the appliances, and design. Here are some of our favorite kitchen lighting trends for 2018.

Task lighting

Task lighting, as the name implies, is the lighting features in the kitchen that aids in providing lighting for specific tasks whether it be preparing your food, doing paperwork, or feeding the kids breakfast. Therefore, if you are striving for an efficient kitchen where food can be prepared with ease, it is of paramount importance for you to pay attention to the task lighting in your kitchen. If task lighting is misplaced, it can hinder your ability to work effectively and efficiently in a space that’s the hub of the home, throwing shadows on your meal preparations, making reading difficult, and driving traffic out of the kitchen – not what we’re going for in the most used space in the home. Basically, task lighting fixtures increase your productivity in the kitchen, ensuring that you are focused and concentrated on your – you guessed it – tasks.

So, what are some of the places where you should install task lighting? Experts believe that the best locations for task lighting are over the island and underneath the overhead cabinets. Basically, you will need to install the task lighting units in areas where you intend to chop, slice, read recipes, and cook your meal.

Kitchen Lighting Trends 2018 – Under-cabinet lighting

Installing under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen can prove to be a stroke of sheer genius when it comes to subtle lighting additions. Not only can under-cabinet lighting function similarly to task lighting, it can also provide the room with soft ambient lighting. Under-cabinet lighting fixtures can often be dimmed low with the touch of a dimmer switch. Some of the most popular choices of under-cabinet lighting include strip lights and long linear bulbs. Many homeowners even install a string of lights contained in a single fixture. There are also people who swear by the benefits of a puck light system. A puck light system is basically a light system that is made up of a series of hockey-puck shaped halogen lights creating strategic lighting arrays.

Under-cabinet lighting fixtures are easy to install and they are available for purchase in a variety of bulb types with LED and Xenon bulbs being the most common. These bulbs, as we briefly mentioned above, can be controlled and programmed with a dimmer switch (we’ve even installed alternate colors to create a really interesting lighting concept). It also helps that under-cabinet lighting fixtures have less power consumption and are rather energy efficient. In addition to that, these fixtures eliminate the need to light the entire room giving homeowners the option to create an ambiance which we’ll cover next. Under-cabinet lighting also helps eliminate the shadows that are created by cabinets, countertops, and ceiling light fixtures and provide lighting in otherwise dark corners of the kitchen. Not to mention – good undercabinet lighting can help you identify the potential for kitchen mold growth.

Ambient lighting

It is rather unfortunate that the functions and importance of ambient lighting in the kitchen are often overlooked. Ambient lighting can be described as indirect lighting that helps humanize lighting designs, softening the shadows and lines on people’s faces, and giving the room an inviting and welcoming atmosphere.

Back in the yesteryears, the kitchen was only considered an area where food was prepared. However, the times have changed. Nowadays, many homes have open floor plans where the kitchen, living room, and dining room are merely separated by accessories, wall paint, and cabinets.

Ambient lighting is a lighting system that attracts and lures people to the kitchen, making them feel warm and welcome. Some of the popular examples of ambient lighting fixtures include flush-mounted ceiling units and adjustable track lighting. Even something as simple as a pendant installed over the island can be considered an ambient lighting system.

Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting, without a shadow of a doubt (pun intended), is the most expensive element of your lighting design scheme. As its name implies, decorative lighting can be described as lighting fixtures that help accentuate the design of your kitchen. According to experts, decorative lighting should be selected in direct proportion to the size and shape of your kitchen. It’s advisable to install decorative lighting fixtures if you have a large kitchen space – a favorite of our NVS designers. In addition to ensuring that the scale of fixtures is right for your kitchen space, you should also pay attention to the shade material of the fixtures to ensure that it has enough opacity to conceal the light bulb effectively. Some examples of decorative lighting fixtures include chandeliers and pendant lighting. Basically, any form of lighting fixture that catches the eye can be classified as decorative lighting.

When choosing lighting fixtures for your kitchen, you should particularly opt for fixtures that provide comfortable lighting and are energy-efficient. And, you can only achieve that through an effective integration of task lighting, decorative lighting, ambient lighting, and under-cabinet lighting.

There are several ways you can incorporate lighting fixtures to improve the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your kitchen. You can install stylish pendants and chandelier for extra light and style, install layers of light under the cabinets and use bright overhead lighting to provide excellent illumination in the kitchen. Lighting fixtures don’t cost a fortune; lighting upgrades are one of the cheapest ways you can renovate your kitchen and make it look contemporary and sleek.

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