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Kitchen Remodeling Must Haves

Kitchen Remodeling Must Haves

Kitchen Remodeling Must-Haves for Your Remodel

You are finally ready to remodel your kitchen, but you may not know of all the kitchen remodeling must-haves that can make your remodeled kitchen your dream kitchen. Here is a list of the latest design ideas and gadgets you should consider for your kitchen remodel project.

Double Ovens are a Kitchen Must

Ovens are a staple in any kitchen, but nothing is worse than having two dishes that need to cook at different temperatures for different times. How is anyone supposed to get a decent meal around here?! That is where the double oven comes in. This time saving must-have will bring your meals and family together all at the same time.

In-Drawer Dishwashers Keep Ugly Outta Sight

Don’t have enough dirty dishes for a full load? Not a problem with your dishwasher in a drawer. You heard us right- you can have a half size drawer dishwasher to put in your butler’s pantry or basement kitchen that will hold enough to get a small load done. The best part of the drawer dishwasher is that you can’t even tell the difference from the rest of the cabinets- it blends right in with its wood panel front!

Down-Drafting Exhaust Hoods

We all seem to fight for room in the kitchen, and many people have turned to island cooktops to make their space easier to navigate and more functional. Hate the look of large hoods? An island cooktop could be the option for you with its down drafting exhaust system. With the option to put warming drawers right under the cooktop- your dinner ideas can be endless.

Fill Up My… Pot? A Total Kitchen Remodeling Must Have

Pot fillers aren’t new, but they are definitely handy – a question to consider before remodeling your kitchen. Imagine never having to lug a huge pot full of water across the kitchen from the sink to the stove. The pot filler allows you to fill up your pots with as much water right at the stove top. Tuck away the spigot when not in use, and you have yourself a great and functional kitchen idea you never knew you wanted but always knew you needed.


Ever look into your silverware drawer and wished for an organizing miracle? Wish no more because we have the perfect upgrade for you. Drawer organizers are a great and aesthetic way to get your life (or spoons) in order! Built-in dividers add an attractive and helpful means of storing heavily used kitchen utensils that match the look and feel of your kitchen. Nothing feels better than getting ready to cook and knowing where everything is before you start.

No Trace of Trays

You never knew you needed it until you finally try it. A tray storage cabinet can save you tons of wasted space in your cabinets. The thing we hear most from our clients is that there is always a lack of cabinet space. You can usually find the culprits in the big and bulky trays that we seem to accumulate over the years. A tray storage cabinet can free up other valuable cabinet real estate and give you a nice organized space where you can find all the trays you never knew you had.

No matter what you want in your kitchen remodeling must haves, just remember these life saving (okay, more like space saving) ideas that can really turn your kitchen into your dream space. Have something you think is a kitchen remodeling necessity? Let us know!

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