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Cheap Kitchen Stocking Stuffers

Cheap Kitchen Stocking Stuffers

It’s that time of year where we sit there wondering what to get the cook in the family. Instead of standing in the aisle for hours looking lost and picking nothing- we have come up with a list of inexpensive kitchen stocking stuffers for your friends and family with newly remodeled kitchens. You can thank us later!

The Recipe Rock

The Recipe Rock is any adventurous cooks dream assistant. We don’t always want to use I-pads and get them dirty in the kitchen while we try and cook, and that is where the Recipe Rock comes in. It holds recipes or printed magazine paper tightly with a magnet so you can easily glance over when looking at what comes next. At $9.99- it is guaranteed to be a hit this holiday season.

KitchenAid Shears

You never knew you needed a good pair of kitchen scissors until you have used a good pair. These KitchenAid Shears can cut through poultry without cutting through your budget. Become a favorite with this gift that will keep on giving (and cutting) at $7.99.

Rabbit Wine and Beverage Stoppers

These colorful bottle tops will prolong the life of your wines and sodas (really any beverage that comes with a lid) and make you look like the champ gift giver. The Rabbit Wine and Beverage Stoppers work for a variety of different sized bottles and beverages. Not a bad gift at $8.95 for a set of 4!

Utensil Pot Clip – Ingenious Kitchen Stocking Stuffers

Nothing is worse than mixing pasta sauce and not having anywhere to put the mixing spoon. That is why the Utensil Pot Clip is such a great gift and such a lifesaver! This handy contraption clips to your pot and holds the spoon right there. No hunting around frantically searching for the spoon when you need to do a quick stir anymore! This clip is dishwasher safe and can hold any and all utensils (at least that is what the site says) but has some great reviews. Can’t beat this stuffer at only $7.47! If you agree that this is a kitchen remodeling must have – say yes!

The Strawberry Huller

Digging out the pits of strawberries by hand is so 2016. Become a strawberry connoisseur with this futuristic (and cute) Strawberry Huller. They claim that its bold colors make it easy to spot in the drawer in case you were overcome with strawberry fever and needed it pitted asap. We just think it is kind of cute and useful as you no longer have to use a knife and lose a finger to enjoy the edible delight. You can grab this brilliant berry buster for $6.35 and leave your pit problems in the past!

The Garlic Peeler

If you liked the last gift idea- you might just be a fan of The Garlic Peeler. This handy gadget makes peeling pesky garlic a breeze and makes slamming your garlic cloves on the countertop a thing of the past. The website says it is fun for kids, but I know that if we put that in our children’s stockings, we might have a mutiny! The bright colors make it eye-catching and easy to find, and it is BPA free, AND it is FDA approved. One of these garlic peelers will set you back $5.12 and will have people (and tasty seasoned dinners) thanking you long after!

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

Not only cute (or scary), Angry Mama does more than just yell at you, she cleans your microwave too. Just pour a little water and vinegar into Angry Mama and celebrate as your microwave mayhem melts away. The best part? You can customize your Mama. Get her with red hair, purple locks, or switch to a blonde (microwave) bombshell.

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