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Luxurious Design? Consider these 5 Things

Luxurious Design? Consider these 5 Things

It is undeniable that the living room is one of the most important divisions of the house. It’s there that we spend most of the time and it is also there that we receive our friends and family. Thus, it is natural that we want to improve its decoration through the introduction of comfortable and exquisite elements that raise it aesthetically. However, we do not always have the budget for this or we do not know how to do it. The truth is that it is not such a difficult task and if you take special care with some aspects you will, for sure, and gradually, get the living room you always dreamed of. Start with elements of greater importance and impact such as wall and floor covering, an open floor plan that allows the kitchen to be viewable from the living room, then choose the furniture, then the textiles, and then add the accessories. As you see, it’s a staged process that must be done with consideration so you not regret your choices.

Consider These Things when Creating a Luxurious Space


The floor is one of the most important points of the environment you want to pay attention to your room. Flooring is also a great way to bring wood into your kitchen. If your idea is to have a floor that conveys a luxurious and comfortable image, then choose carefully the material. There are several factors to ponder and go through the style of your home, the budget and the visual effect you want. After finding the answers to these points and having the material chosen, you should focus on installing it, making sure that the process is done properly and your floor is perfectly assembled making it comfortable.

Whatever material you choose, you will always find pros and cons so the right choice goes to the one that best meets your needs in the short and long term. Among the most common floors will certainly be wooden ones. Wood is a material that well treated and worked consubstantiates the face of luxury and sophistication. It also has the advantage of fitting well in any type of decoration and convey a comfort that makes the environment even more welcoming.

The stone, for example, allows creating a floor of great resistance and elegance that due to its appearance and its natural tones. Still, it is a more difficult material to conjugate with the decoration and that is because its natural characteristics can be quite refreshing in hot climates but much less comfortable in cold climates. Also, you should think that this type of floor is relatively expensive and is not within reach of all budgets.

Apart from the wood and the stone, we leave another tip that has been a trend: cement. The more industrial features make it better suited to modern and industrial decoration spaces.


Time to choose the furniture for your home? This is an important phase. The furniture chosen by you and the way you make them live in the same space is what will give personality to your room and convey what you want. The aim is to be able to shape the space into our image while seeking comfort and well-being.

All furniture has, in its characteristics, elements that well reconciled with the rest of the space can give us a sense of luxury. The shiny materials, the golds, the silverware, the ornaments and the fabrics like velvets and skin will always be seen by us as being luxurious.

However, to create a stunning living room with luxurious chairs and an amazing dining table  you do not need to overload it with these materials. On the contrary, it is the balance between these distinct details and materials that will elevate it, making it truly exquisite. Be irreverent and play with spaces, colors, shapes and textures in order to create an environment that is also yours, a personal space and that conveys warmth because a cold room, however much it is full of products and high-end materials, will never make you feel comfortable. And, after all, what is luxury worth without comfort?


The living room is the ideal room to risk the color of the walls, creating a more intense and dramatic environment. Risk a more intense color, but use it with weight and measure. If on the contrary, you are an apologist for lighter tones or if your room is very small, consider lighter colors such as white, very light salmon, Scandinavian gray, coffee with milk, among others.


Light spots are essential in a living room and in any other room in the house. They are responsible for illuminating it and give it life, enhance decorative objects and make it cozier. They are the support to read a good book in the comfort of the sofa. You can choose floor, ceiling, wall or table lamps.

In one room, you can put them all, each in its place, each with its purpose. They do not have to be all the same, but they must have an element that connects them so the set does not get out of phase.


Oh, the power of the accessories. Choosing the main furniture, coatings and textiles, we have reached the stage of putting the cherry on top of the cake which is as if saying choose the accessories that will customize your room. Vases, souvenirs brought from travels, trays, candles, boxes, flowers and plants or art books. These are some of the options to ornament your room. Spread them here and there. On the support table or coffee tables, on a sideboard or on shelves. But, do it. Decorating is more fun when we can transpose into our “home sweet home” what we are. In addition, the accessories are a good way to give a breath of fresh air to whatever the division of the house. They are cheaper parts and therefore easily replaceable according to our disposition and taste.

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