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Most Popular Remodeling Projects in 2018

Most Popular Remodeling Projects in 2018

What will be the Most Popular Remodel Projects in 2018?

The numbers are in on which remodeling projects will be most popular for homeowners for 2018. From basement wet bars to new roofs and siding- we are going to break down which home remodeling projects will be huge this year.

Kitchen Remodeling

There is no secret that kitchen remodels is at the top of the list for 2018 most popular remodeling projects. The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in the home and has become one of the favorites for homeowners to make their own. From heated floors to hidden organization tools- there is no end to how you can customize your kitchen for you and your family. The kitchen also brings the top dollar when putting the house on the market, so make sure not to overlook this space in your 2018 remodeling project calendar. Looking for inspiration – here are 25 kitchen remodels we love.

Master Bathroom Remodeling

There is nothing better than getting home after work and seeing an inviting oasis of relaxation waiting for you. That is what has made master bathroom remodeling the second most popular home remodeling project for 2018. The kitchen and master bath are what people look for in a home, and it would make sense that these two spaces made the top of the list. People are swapping out their builder grade over-sized Jacuzzi tubs for beautiful walk-in showers that they can use daily. While the kitchen can make the entry level a sight to behold- the master bathroom can really send people over the top making the running close on which was more popular between the kitchens and the master bath.


Basement Wet Bars

Families are now looking for ways to enjoy their home in 2018. Gone are the days of heading out of the house for entertainment. 2018 is the year of the home where people will opt for days in rather than nights out. The best way to make this enjoyable for everyone is with a basement wet bar. This high traffic remodel space can add life to the basement and make it just as popular as the kitchen. From hidden appliances to well-stocked refrigerators to a mounted TV- the possibilities are endless!

Window and Door Replacements

The people have spoken and said that they want this year to be the year of green homes with energy saving options. Many homeowners are planning on replacing old windows and doors and getting new energy-efficient replacements that will help them cut down on their energy bills each month. With options like three pane windows and ultraviolet screens to protect those you love most, you will definitely want to consider window replacement in 2018.


Talk about entertainment! Adding decks to homes will become popular in 2018 as people are looking for inviting spaces in the home. Decks add aesthetics to the home and make outside gatherings a possibility. Imagine unwinding after a long week sitting on your brand new deck enjoying the sunset. That is why people have chosen that decks are on the list of top remodels this year.

No matter which remodel you choose, definitely choose one that will enhance the space and your families well-being. The options are endless when it comes to remodels in 2018. What is a remodeling project you want to do this year?

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