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What Do We Mean when We Say, “On-Site Lead Carpenters”?

What Do We Mean when We Say, “On-Site Lead Carpenters”?

Here’s What our On-Site Lead Carpenters mean to You.

You hear us talking about NVS’s onsite carpenters, but what does “on-site carpenter” mean to our clients? In the world of remodeling, many things can go wrong, so we often put minds at ease letting people know about our on-site lead carpenters there to ensure that everything goes right, and in the off chance it does start to go wrong, the lead carpenter is there to get it back on track.

When it comes to home renovation, in nearly 100% of the time involves carpentry. From building and installing cabinetry to laying down flooring and everything in between – there’s a carpenter somewhere building something.

Many remodeling firms will hire sub-contractors to perform certain aspects of the job – from hiring and electrician to do the electrical work to a plumber to switch where the sink in a kitchen remodel will be. Not a bad practice at all, but when things go wrong, leaving a homeowner to speak with a subcontractor doesn’t typically result in an easy fix. Now a game of telephone begins sending mixed messages throughout the project leaving a large room for errors, mistakes, and “Oops – I didn’t know’s.”

NVS Kitchen and Bath’s Onsite Carpenters

At NVS, one of our biggest differentiators to other Northern Virginia remodelers is our on-site lead carpenters. For each NVS remodel, an on-site lead carpenter is assigned to be your single point of contact throughout the remodel. This person will be the first person you see in the morning and the last person you see at the end of the day. Any issues? You talk to your lead carpenter and he makes sure its fixed. He monitors your project making sure that things are happening when they need to happen, that the project is on schedule to staying on schedule, and that your home in clean at the end of the working day.

Our lead carpenters are 100% full-time NVS Kitchen and Bath employees and answer directly to the management team at NVS Kitchen and Bath. This means that quality control is only a step away on your project. From scheduling to follow-ups, our on-site lead carpenters are your direct line to NVS when it comes to your remodel.

Why does NVS have On-Site Lead Carpenters?

After hearing clients speak of nightmare experiences when dealing with projects where there were no on-site leads, NVS Kitchen and Bath wanted to be different. To make your remodel project the best possible and the experience one that you enjoyed as much as you enjoy your new kitchen.

Remodeling shouldn’t be a nightmare scenario. With the right team in place, a skilled on-site point of contact, and quality products, your remodel contractor should leave you with peace of mind.

NVS Kitchen and Bath is a leading remodeling company serving homes and homeowners in Northern Virginia through quality, high-end bathroom remodeling, kitchen renovations, basement refinishing, and everything in between. Our motto is guidance, choices and service. We provide each of these to the best of our ability on each and every job to ensure a quality remodel that you can enjoy for years to come.

NVS Kitchen and Bath

8982 Hornbaker Road
Manassas, VA 20109
Phone: (703) 378-2600
E-mail: hello@nvskitchenbath.com

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