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Remodeling? There Is An App For That.

Remodeling? There Is An App For That.

Looking for Remodeling Apps? We’ve Got the Top 5

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen? Grab your phone first! No, not to call your mom and tell her the great news, but because we have a list of the best apps you can download to make your remodeling project so much easier! From online reviews to picture perfect ideas to grab from- there are remodeling apps for that!

Remodeling Ideas App – Houzz

First off, we love Houzz. Houzz is a website dedicated to connecting homeowners with ideas as well as designers and contractors right in the area. Their app encompasses everything about remodeling from who to choose to what designs and styles are hot right now. You can create an Ideas Book where anything that stood out to you can be found in one place. The best feature of all, you ask? The Houzz app is totally free! So get your Ideas Book started now and be ready for when you are finally going to remodel!

App for Remembering Remodels – HomeZada

Want to be in control and stay that way through your entire remodel project? HomeZada’s app might be just the thing you were looking for to keep your budget in check and your ideas all in one place. This app allows you to track multiple remodeling projects and budgets all at the same time while also saving receipts and invoices for all of your contractors. Better yet, all of your data from your home remodeling projects are saved to the app so when you go to sell your home- you can add it right to your HomeZada listing! HomeZada has a free plan, but the Pro plan gives you a lot more options.  At $7.95 a month, you can’t go wrong. A budget-friendly app that tracks your remodeling budget- can it get any better than this?!

Floor Planning with the Floor Planner App

Onto more remodeling apps – the next app we think just might live up to its name of being magic. The Floor Planner is a free app that allows you to create a 3D rendering of your space from the floor to the ceiling. After you calibrate your phone and follow the directions and you will be able to choose from their large library of furniture and fixtures to try before you buy. You will be able to look through your phone and that new washing machine right there in your laundry room or that dining room table you’ve been eyeing right there in your kitchen!

Painting without the Tap with TapPainter App

The TapPainter app will save you and your walls from tiny little test paint splotches. This app allows you to take a picture of your house and change the paint color right from the app! Once you upload your picture, you can then use the color wheel and see what the walls will look like in contrast to your current furniture and layout. You can also order your selections right from the app! Unfortunately, TapPainter is only available for IOS, but don’t worry! Home Depot came out with one that is compatible with both Android and IOS!

CR – Virtual Remodeling with Home Design 3D App

Ever dream of becoming a home designer? Home Design 3D lets you do just that! Becoming the designer you always knew you could be by uploading 2D and 3D pictures of your home and placing furniture and fixtures where you imagined they always belonged. The free version doesn’t allow you to share your designs, but for $6.99 a month you can save your creations and send your ideas to your family and friends and get their expert opinions. Home Design 3D is definitely a great app for the creative homeowner!

Using these remodeling apps and teaming with a great contractor and designer will save you loads of time and stress when it comes to your home remodeling project. Have any apps you can’t seem to live without? Let us know!

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