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How to Remodel a Home to Increase Resale Value

How to Remodel a Home to Increase Resale Value

So, you bought your home for you and your spouse and it was perfect. There isn’t anything in the world that could make you fall out of love with house…. except the positive pregnancy test. Here comes the baby whether your house is ready or not. Nothing can turn a “dream home” into “nightmare on elm street” faster than tripping over each other because there just isn’t enough room anymore. Let’s look at some way you can remodel your house and get the best resale value out there.

The Best Remodel for Resale Value is Kitchen Remodeling

The number one best way to get your return on investment is updating the kitchen. They don’t call it the “hub of the home” for nothing! The kitchen is where people start and end their day (and sometimes come back again for that tempting midnight snack). Updating an outdated kitchen will do wonders for your home’s resale value. Remember though, you aren’t designing this kitchen for yourself so keep in mind the latest trends that are currently happening on the market. A kitchen designer might be a good idea as they know what people want and can keep your goals in mind… which is selling the house for the most money. You might have wanted that 18-foot island so you could be as far away from your whining children as possible, but that might not be what everyone else wants!

Everyone wants to be the master of something like the master of magic or a master chef, and if they can’t be a master of those, they definitely want a master suite. Keeping in mind that adults buy homes might make you steer away from opting in for the upstairs ball-pit room for the kids (or the hubby) and will definitely add some resale value. Whoever is buying the home after you will love to picture a quiet retreat that they can get to easily and, in turn, will be able to justify the higher price point of the home.

Master Bathrooms are the Second Highest Remodeling Project for Increase Resale Value

Bathrooms. We all use ‘em and they can definitely up the ante when selling your home. When considering which bathrooms to update, direct your focus to the master bathroom and the powder room. These two will get the most attention from future guests in the home and can definitely be eye-catching to potential buyers. Consider pull and replace options if your master bathroom already has a good layout, but remember that design trends will dictate a lot when it comes to this remodel. A full world pull tub that no one ever used might be a mistake to keep in an updated bathroom. Consider adding value to the master bathroom with a large walk-in shower that could be the focal point for the bathroom as well as add dollar signs to the bottom line.

Lastly, looks ARE everything. Ever pull up to a house that just looks sad? Don’t let this happen to you. Dress up the outside and make people want to come inside! Curb appeal is huge when it comes to selling your home for more. A few updates outside can change a drab home into a fab home and make people want to check it out.

Whatever you choose to do when it comes to your home remodel resale, make sure you do research before you bust the hammer out. Don’t lose money from useless expenses that can come with any remodeling project. Explore what is hot and trending in the design world and go from there. Most of all, keep in mind that you are designing these spaces for the next family and that what you might consider a necessity might not be what the market agrees with.


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