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The Six Different Types of Kitchen Islands

The Six Different Types of Kitchen Islands

If you’re up to date on the latest kitchen trends (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?), you’ve probably heard of kitchen islands. They’re great for the modern home since they’re affordable, simplistic, and functional. I can tell you’re overwhelmed thinking about all the kinds of kitchen islands that could spice up your own home. Don’t worry – in this article, we’ll go through the kinds of kitchen islands and explain who they’re good for.

L Shaped Kitchen Islands 

You won’t find too many real-life islands shaped like the letter “L,” but in the world of kitchen design, the L shaped kitchen is a natural. These kinds of kitchen islands are great for people looking a lot of storage space. Like to cook with other people? The L shaped kitchen island ensures the kitchen won’t be crowded, allowing you and other cooks to work comfortably. While the L shaped kitchen island design is generous with space, it can cut into the overall space you have to work with. Additionally, due to the plentiful corners, you might find that this design doesn’t maximize storage space to its fullest potential.

Making the U Shaped Island Work for You

Don’t worry, this isn’t about to turn into a game of alphabet soup. These types of islands are U shaped (who knew?) and are highly efficient. With three walls of cabinets and appliances, the U shaped kitchen island is perfect for those looking for a clean and efficient design. Looking for a spacious and functional design? You’d be hard-pressed to find anything better than this, since they are extremely accommodating, and the largest of the kitchen island designs. Want a lot of storage space, room for seating, and even space for a large appliance? You can have it all.

This design isn’t perfect, however. Hate walking back and forth around the kitchen? You’re probably going to want to look elsewhere. Cleaning can also be a pain at times due to the curved layout of this type of island.

Galley Kitchen Island Design

Have you ever heard function before form? Yeah, neither have we. However, this is an ideology the galley kitchen island takes to heart. With a simple, no-frills design, these types of kitchen islands are made for the utilitarian in all of us. If you’re looking to maintain a decent amount of space whilst maintaining storage, you’re in luck. With fewer corners than the L shaped design and fewer curves than the U shaped design, you’ll find this type of layout is efficient and an awesome way to avoid some major kitchen design mistakes. Ever wanted that bar style experience without the awkward interactions? If so, the galley kitchen island design is perfect for you!

There are some downsides to this island design. If you don’t mind being a bit more conventional, then a galley kitchen island design is great. However,  if you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, then the galley kitchen design is probably way too vanilla. Unlike the U or the L shaped designs, the galley kitchen design is also a bit smaller, which means it can be a bit cramped if you try to fit a larger appliance in. That could mean an entire redesign, depending on what sorts of appliances you think are necessary.

Getting Around with Circular Kitchen Islands

This is one’s a shoutout to those looking to be more adventurous. You could either go for a full circle or cut it in half and go with a semicircle design. These type of island kitchen design is great for those who liked the idea of the L shaped island but wanted something more exotic. They’re loaded with space to prepare food, and there is plenty of room to walk around without feeling boxed in. This type of design also allows for a roomy eating experience; if you’re the kind of person who likes to invite four or more people to eat together, you’ll all be able to eat and socialize in comfort.

However, since the circular kitchen island is, well, circular, your counter will be spread out and won’t maximize surface area. Additionally, storage area tends to be limited to a circular design, which means you may have to invest in a countertop overhang. Unless you’re creative with your cabinet space, you should be prepared to accept inefficient storage use.

Rolling Kitchen Island Design

Is your home smaller? Is your kitchen cramped and tiny? Do you still to get a kitchen island (read: YES!)? A rolling kitchen would the perfect kitchen island for you. When you’re preparing your meals or just otherwise experimenting, you can just roll in this type of kitchen island for quick use. When you’re done, you simply roll it out of your kitchen and put it somewhere where you have some storage space. This alternative is great for people who’d love to have a kitchen island, but can’t since their kitchen is too small to allow it.

While this does sound great,  there are a few things to keep in mind. People with compromised backs or who may have to watch their activity should consult with a doctor before using one these, as rolling them around may prove to be too much for some. Additionally, if storage is a concern for you, this is not the kind of island design to get. Rolling kitchen islands often offer little to no storage space, which can be a dealbreaker for some people.

Furniture Style Islands

The furniture style kitchen island is perfect for those looking for an unconventional yet premier spot to socialize in. They’re practically guaranteed to add character to your kitchen, whether it’s custom made or store bought. Furniture style pieces are usually more detailed and intricate, sure to attract the attention of any guests.

However, you have to be slightly more careful with this type of design. They can’t abuse like granite or marble can, and older pieces probably won’t hold up if you’re planning on doing heavy amounts of food preparation.

No matter which design you ultimately choose, you’ll be sure to love the affordability and versatility of kitchen islands. We wouldn’t mind getting stranded in any of those kitchen islands, that’s for sure.

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