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Sunroom FAQs

Sunroom FAQs

What are they, how much are they, and what are they for? Your top five burning sunroom questions answered.

Sunroom FAQs – Answered.

Sunrooms are rooms meant for all of the outdoors with none of the mosquito bites. Sun rooms are the perfect way to experience all four Virginia seasons without actually experiencing them. Designed for leisure, the light catcher remodels are the perfect addition to the perfect dream home adding just enough space to entertain, enjoy, and relax.

But there are some things about sunrooms most people don’t know, haven’t thought of, or could care less about that we’re going to answer for you in our top 5 sunroom FAQ’s!

How Much do Sunrooms Cost?

Northern Virginia Sunroom Contractor

That question is a toughy because just like snowflakes, no two sunrooms are going to be built exactly the same. From square footage to design options and finishes, the options are as endless as snowflakes are different meaning there’s no set cost for a sunroom remodel – especially when you’re dealing with high-end remodeling companies like NVS Kitchen and Bath.

But we’re not letting you go still having sunroom questions! Most sunrooms are cheaper than additions because they cover less square footage and have fewer requirements like HVAC and electrical. They serve one purpose – leisure – so they don’t require bathrooms or powder rooms either.

Sunrooms are a great “bang for your buck” remodel project.

Do Sunrooms Require Permits?

While sunrooms are different than additions – they do share one thing. Permitting. Typically based on a location, Fairfax County does require permits for sunroom contracting. From the Fairfax County website:

Building Permit Requirements

  • You must obtain building permits for your project.
  • Building plans are required and must be designed under the current building code and local design criteria.
  • site-related plan is required to show the impact of your construction on your property.
  • Your project must be inspected to ensure the construction is in accordance with the code and the approved plans.

Fortunately for you, NVS Kitchen and Bath does all the permit pulling while you sit there and dream of your future sunroom.

Is a Sunroom the same thing as a Solarium?

“A sunroom is a structure constructed onto a home that allows for the enjoyment of the surrounding scenery while being protected from inclement weather.  This sunroom structure is also often referred to as a solarium, patio room, patio enclosure, conservatory, or Florida room.  While many of these terms can be used interchangeably to describe a glassed in home addition that provides an open, light and relaxing space, the words  Sunroom and Solarium do define different structures,” says Joyce Factory Direct.

Solariums are nearly completely glass covered. Sunrooms only have over 40% glass covering the walls. Solariums are reminiscent of green houses and are typically attached to a home via a glass roof. Sunrooms have a roofing structure that mimics the existing roof.

Can I Add a Sunroom to my Deck?

According to the National Sunroom Association (yes – that exists – we like to call it the NSA), you can add a sunroom to your deck, but you’ll need to modify the deck structure to support the added weight of the sunroom. “it is typical that the deck will need to be upgraded with additional beams, posts, and/or footings to have the strength to withstand the additional weight and loads created by the new sunroom.  Contact a local structural engineer to find out whether your existing deck is suitable.  In some situations, it may be more cost effective to build a new deck, especially if the existing deck is older or has deteriorated.”

Can There Be Too Much Glass?

The short answer, no – sky’s the limit when viewing the sky through a sunroom. However, as we mentioned earlier, a solarium is nearly completely class and provides an unbroken view of the scenery nearby. That said, the final vote comes from local jurisdictions, so do check with them before sawing away.

Learn more about sun room remodeling near you.

or learn about the differences between sunrooms and additions!


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