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Sunroom Ideas and Inspiration

Sunroom Ideas and Inspiration

Interested in a sunroom remodel? Let us “shine some light” on inspiring sunroom remodel photos and ideas! Sunrooms are the perfect answer for letting the outside in (but without the annoying mosquito bites). A step above an enclosed patio or deck, sunrooms are the perfect outside-in additions to your home.

What can you use your sunroom for? Sunrooms by definition are “rooms with large windows and sometimes a glass roof, designed to allow in a lot of sunlight.” So beyond that – what you make of your sunroom is completely up to you. We’ve seen conservatories to indoor greenhouses to music rooms to kid’s play places – the possibilities are endless. Our rule of thumb – more room is never a bad thing.

NVS’s Favorite Sunroom Ideas and Inspiring Pictures from the Internet

Because sunrooms are an addition to a home, but are also serving a separate function from the home, their styles can vary. NVS Kitchen and Bath has installed sunrooms than look completely different to their adjoining parent home and on the flip side, we’ve installed sunroom remodels that look like identical miniature homes! One thing is for sure though – there will be windows, and there will be a lot of them.

While exterior options may vary, the build is pretty typical consisting of a base wall or “knee wall” that will play a large part in supporting the copious amount of windows sunrooms typically call for. We see trends towards tiling sunrooms, but with efficient building materials and endless options, carpeting is always an alternative we can stand for (flooring pun intended).

While the function of your sunroom is up to you, one thing we’d like to note is that sunrooms typically live up to their names – SUNrooms. This means sunlight and sunlight means UVB rays will be reaching your indoor décor. Wicker and seagrass are great sunroom decor ideas, but shy away from plastic and metal pieces (unless an unconventional burned leg tattoo is the look you’re going for). Alternatively throw some shade – no, the good kind. Window treatments are the perfect option to have a sunroom when you want one. With the technology advancing, the ability for window treatments to completely transform a room (and an energy bill) are pretty awesome.

“Can I grow plants in my sunroom?” You can do whatever you want in your sunroom, but the answer is yes. Sunroom can be used as greenhouses. You’ll have to do a little bit of setup to see when and where the sun will be in accordance with your plants, but for those of you with green thumbs, a sunroom can let you grow all year long!

Check out these sunroom inspiration pictures we’ve gathered from across the internet. They’re some of our favorite, and if you’re interested in a sunroom builder, grab a few photos and stop by the NVS Showroom in Manassas, VA! We’ll shine some light on how to get started on a sunroom renovation (sunroom puns also intended).

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