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What’s the Differences between a Sunrooms and Additions?

What’s the Differences between a Sunrooms and Additions?

Additions are basically “adding” to a home, right? But isn’t a sunroom? So which is which and which do you want to add to your home? They are different and here’s how sunrooms and additions are completely different and will mean something completely different to your remodeling contractor.

Sunrooms and Additions – Why They aren’t the Same Things.

Let’s hit the books – the dictionary that is. According to Webster’s Dictionary, a sunroom is “a room with large windows and sometimes a glass roof, designed to allow in a lot of sunlight.”

An addition is defined by “the action or process of adding something to something else.” Typically used in math, “additions” is a home remodeling term that means just that – adding a room to a house.

But they both sound like you’re adding an additional room to a house, right? Well, right and wrong. Here are the difference between a sunroom build and an addition build.

Sunrooms typically have more windows than additions.

Forty percent or more “more windows” to be exact. According to the IECC also known as the International Energy Conservation Code, a conditioned living space (i.e. room addition) cannot have more than 40% glass on the walls.

This means that additions have less than 40% of windows covering the wall space and sunrooms have more than 40%. This allows the sunroom to live up to its name letting more sun in than other remodels.

HVAC or No HVAC – That is the Remodeling Question

When you think “sunroom” you think natural light, and when you think natural light, you think natural heating and cooling. While addition remodel projects have to be heated and cooled by a tradition HVAC unit, sunrooms actually aren’t required to. A well-made sunroom can be a great way to lower energy bills by being naturally energy efficient.

Of course – if creature comforts and natural light are both your things, you can always add HVAC units to a new sunroom.

Function over Form.

Northern Virginia Sunroom Contractor

The main separation between an addition and a sunroom is the designed purpose or function of the rooms. “A room addition is meant to be another room on your house,” says Joyce Factory Direct. While the whole point of a sunroom is leisure. “Constructed mostly of glass, this type of addition is great for enjoying the outside inside, entertaining and relaxing with family and friends.”

Feel the Power – or Not.

Additions are required to not only HVAC, but they’re always required to be wired electrically. “Not all sunrooms are required to be wired for electricity; all stick-built additions must have power,” says the Spruce. In addition (pun intended), sunrooms typically cover a smaller square footage than additions again pushing the whole ‘leisure only’ mentality. Regardless of which you choose, both require permits so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – or the county will be telling you otherwise.

I’m Looking for Sunroom Remodelers Near Me!

Well, look no further! NVS Kitchen and Bath is a licensed and insured sun room contractor serving all of Northern Virginia‘s Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William Counties.

We boast (humbly) of the largest kitchen and bath showroom with wall to wall selections that will make your sunroom choices a breeze. Our award winning design team will walk you hand-in-hand to a perfect experience that results in an amazing finished product.


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