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Things to Consider Before Doing a Home Addition Remodel

Things to Consider Before Doing a Home Addition Remodel

Sometimes we love where we live, but it just isn’t quite perfect. Whether there isn’t enough space in the living room or you need to add an in-law suite for your parents, adding an addition onto the home can turn an almost perfect house in the perfect home. Before you go and grab your hammer, make sure to check through these tips about adding an addition onto your home. Here are Things to Consider Before Doing a Home Addition Remodel in Northern Virginia.

Remember that a home addition isn’t a DIY project.

The amount of time and skills that go into adding square footage to your home is an extensive undertaking and requires a lot of knowledge and know how. It sounds good when you say you’ll make it your summer project, but with everything that can get in the way, the last thing you want is to have half of your house exposed to the elements even longer because life happened during the middle of your remodel. Do your research and hire an experienced contractor who is licensed and insured to do your project. Check and make sure they have no outstanding litigations with past clients before you choose which remodeler you like best.

Make Sure You Can Expand.

You are going to need to pull together some documents to see if your dream home can be a reality. For starters, you’ll need to find your plot plan for your home. This plan lays out where the building currently stands as well as where utilities run and the proposed project site will be. This document also determines the “can and cannots” of your home addition. Can’t find yours? Not a problem, you can usually get a copy of your plot plan at your local Registry of Deeds.

Talk to your neighbors.

This process of expanding might be fun for you, but it might create a group of angry by standards who have to listen to the construction day in and day out. Make sure to communicate with your neighbors about your home addition project. You don’t have to ask for permission, but just make sure they know the time line for the remodel. Workers starting early on a Saturday? Be kind enough to let your neighboring houses know so you don’t get mean stares for the rest of the project.

Go Easy on the Breezy.

Not many people realize that your lighting and A/C can only handle so much. Make sure you bring out an electrician and an HVAC tech to check over your current system and make sure that you won’t be trading comfort for space. Who would want to sit in their newly completed addition only to be miserable because it is too hot or the TV only works when the lights are off. Make sure to take the steps needed before the project so that you aren’t left scrambling once it is done.

Adding to your home can be exciting and with the proper planning, it can be very rewarding as well. Make sure to take the right steps before the project to make sure the remodel goes smoother.

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