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Tips for Kitchen Remodeling

Tips for Kitchen Remodeling

Tips to Think About When Remodeling Your Kitchen

We all love the thought of getting a new kitchen design. Out with the old builder grade cabinets and ill-placed fridge and in with the new granite counter tops and gorgeous backsplash. Kitchen remodeling is fun and will be fun if you keep these few tips in mind.

No one ever complained about space

Ever do the awkward kitchen tango when trying to pass someone in the kitchen? Cramped aisles plague kitchens today, and nothing is worse than trying to get dinner made and having to squeeze past the dog or the kids. Plan wider pathways through your kitchen to give you and your family more space to move in between each other. No one ever said they had too much space in a kitchen! That’s why we love kitchen remodeling – you can turn a space into your perfect fit.

Give them all access

We aren’t talking about your wifi password, but we are talking about your refrigerator placement. Making the fridge accessible to those that aren’t actually in the cooking area can save you the hassle of trying to maneuver around those only trying to grab a quick snack. Place the refrigerator on the outskirts of the kitchen to give everyone easy access and to keep your kitchen functional for cooking.

Don’t bend at the knees

Well, bend at the knee if you are lifting heavy boxes but don’t bend at the knee to access your microwave. Plan your microwave height according to the heights of those in your family that use it most. There is no standard place you have to put it- so make it work for you. Often times we have the best of intentions to cook elaborate dinners seven days a week, but sometimes you end up going with those not-so-bad microwaved dinners so put it where you can get to it.

What you should do with your private island

Not your actual beachy oasis, but your kitchen island is what we are talking about. Consider what the purpose of your island is. Do you want more cooking space? You might want to put a stove top on the island. Want a quick place to serve to kids breakfast? You might want to consider having a lower tabletop attached to the island for ease of serving. No matter what you plan is, make sure to have it figured out before you start planning the design. The function comes before the form, and the form always is dictated by the function.

Coming in for a landing

We are talking about landing space next to your prime hot cooking areas like your stove or microwave. We have all played the game of grabbing out a hot tray and looking frantically for a place to set it. Plan for ample landing space next to these high traffic items and be stress-free at dinner.

No matter what you are planning for your own kitchen remodel, considering the use of the space is probably the most important part of the design along with picking kitchen paint colors. A good kitchen designer will design a great kitchen, but a great kitchen designer will design a great kitchen for you.

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