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6 Tips To Effectively Warm Up A Cold And Damp Basement

6 Tips To Effectively Warm Up A Cold And Damp Basement

The basement is allegedly the coldest and dampest place in anyone’s home. This is mostly true if you never go to your basement and never do any tidying up there. In other words, your basement can really be a scary place for you.

However, how your basement looks and feel will always be determined by how you take care of it. If your basement is too cold, too damp, and too out of place, it’s the time for you to start warming and tidying it up. Here are 6 tips to effectively warm up a cold damp basement.

Install More Light Sources

The more lights that you install in your basement, the less scary it will be. Usually, a cold and damp basement is caused by a lack of light sources. So, ensure that you put enough lamps to light the most parts of the basement.

If possible, install lamps as necessary so that they can light all parts of your basement when needed. Put a big lamp at the center of the basement for a more warming up effect.

Treat Your Basement Like Any Other Rooms In Your House

Don’t abandon your basement as if it is not a part of your house. Many people do this, and this is why they feel scared when they go to their basement. You should treat your basement like any other rooms in your house.

In fact, you can decorate it just like your living room upstairs. That would make your basement more lively and enjoyable to stay in.

Locate The Cold Spots

You can purchase a cheap thermal camera to see the cold spots in your basement. The camera can be used to see whether your basement is up to a good temperature or not.

Then, you can locate various cold spots that exist in your basement. Once you locate the cold spots, you can do something to focus on warming up those spots before doing it to any other areas in your basement.

Do Some Regular Organizing And Tidying

Like any other parts of your house, your basement also needs a regular organizing and cleaning. This is to ensure that it stays organized and nice to look at. If you have a really big house, you might need to hire some house assistants to help organize your basement regularly.

Spend at least a few hours per week to ensure that your basement is well organized. Put out any clutters and make sure to put your stuff in its proper place.

Make Sure That The Air Ducts Are Seal-able

The air ducts can be the source of cold air in your basement. So, it should be managed properly to avoid sending cold air into your basement, especially at night. So, make the air duct sealable if possible.

In this way, you can close the air duct whenever necessary, or whenever you feel too cold in your basement. It is also a good idea to install a heater as well.

Fix Any Basement Walls That Are Wearing Off

Like air ducts, the basement walls that are wearing off might also be the source of cold air in your basement. So, it is necessary to fix any damages in your walls immediately.

First, locate the damaged walls and ensure to seal the damage so that it doesn’t send any cold air to your basement through the holes or cracks in the wall. Then, paint the walls and enjoy the better view of your basement.

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