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Toe-Kick Drawers – Favorite Kitchen Storage Trends

Toe-Kick Drawers – Favorite Kitchen Storage Trends

“Where there is space, there will be stuff to fill that space,” – someone probably, but definitely any homeowner trying to store impossible-to-store kitchen items. It seems like every cabinet is suddenly full, every drawer jam-packed, and you’re still standing there with obscure pot lids, fine china from your wedding 30 years ago, and a collection of Tupperware you never really needed but would rather die than admit to your partner. 

When it comes to kitchen remodeling in Northern Virginia, the team here at NVS Kitchen and Bath knows that storage is key. Keeping the cleanliness of a design lies in just that – cleanliness. Keeping countertops free of eye-sore appliances is almost a cult in the kitchen design industry. Cabinet makers are also fetishizing the availability of storage space in the kitchen making better-designed storage for even the most awkwardly shaped items (which is why we’re in love with toe-kick drawers).

But eventually, you simply run out of storage space. A nightmare for anyone who has had a tower of plastic bowls and lids fall on them in the past.

So in a world where space is limited but needed, where do we add storage where there is none left? Toe-kick drawers, come on down!

Toe-Kick Drawers are our Storage Trend Fav for 2019

No – toe-kick drawers aren’t entirely new to the kitchen design scene; however, they’re really starting to catch on this year and we (especially our designers) are all about it. Finally – the perfect space for that oddly shaped cupcake pan, that oversized cutting drawer, and that serving plate from the in-laws you plan on regifting this Christmas.

In a world where real estate is rare, toe-kick drawers are here to save the day.

What Are Toe-Kick Drawers Anyways?

Lest we get ahead of ourselves, let’s explain what exactly “toe-kick drawers” are. If you look at your kitchen cabinets, do you notice the bottom of the cabinet that meets the floor? It’s typically inset from the face of the cabinet and is a favorite spot for crumbs to hide out awaiting the next time you bring out the vacuum. That part of the cabinetry is called the toe-kick. See where we’re going with this?

Toe-Kick Drawers turn that dead space into usable storage by mounting a working drawer to the bottom of the cabinet giving you a large shallow storage space out of sight and out of mind (don’t forget that service plate you’ll be regifting, though).

Does NVS Kitchen and Bath Install Toe-Kick Drawers?

Would we be considered the number one kitchen remodeler in Northern Virginia if we didn’t?! NVS Kitchen and Bath works with some of the best cabinetry lines in the business which mean – absolutely, we offer toe-kick drawers with a twist.

Save the back pain for the yard work, our favorite line of cabinetry offers literal toe-kick drawers – toe-kick toe-kick drawers? Use the gentle pressure of your toes to open and close these nifty hideaways making this 2018 storage trend even more awesome. Speaking of trends – check out these 2018 kitchen remodeling lighting trends we love.

There are some really awesome ideas coming out of the 2018 kitchen remodeling world, and we’re in love. From storage to lighting and everything in between, there’s something for every dream kitchen out there to make your kitchen really unique and really functional.

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