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Top Kitchen Design Mistakes

Top Kitchen Design Mistakes

Kitchens have evolved from being a place where you just prep food to being the centerpiece of the home. Most of us start and end our day in the kitchen. If you have kids, they probably end up doing their homework at the kitchen table. If there’s one thing we know, kitchens are a daily destination for many families. Because of how popular kitchens have become over the years, many older homes are being redesigned to accommodate larger, more family-oriented spaces. The fun part of any kitchen remodel is the finished product, but some of the fun can also be in designing the new and improved space. Here are some kitchen design mistakes to avoid when thinking about redesigning your kitchen.

Top Virginia Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2017

Countertop Space.

The number one complaint that we get when working with our clients is how much lack of countertop space their current kitchen has (or doesn’t have). This can make or break any newly designed kitchen. Just imagine, you spent all the time choosing colors and designing your dream kitchen, just to run into the same problem you were trying to get away from… no space to put anything. Think about the flow and what you enjoy doing in your kitchen. One person may like to make big meals for family gatherings and will definitely need more countertop space, or you might want a kitchen island big enough for the kids to do their homework at and to prep for dinner on. Thinking about the kitchen equipment that will mostly take its home on the countertops is something to consider as well. Those big Kitchen Aid mixers or your daily used Keurig will be sharing the counter space with you and need to be accounted for. In any case, taking into account all the events the kitchen will be used for needs to be high on the list for your redesign.

Island Destinations.

No, we aren’t talking about your next vacation but we are talking about making your kitchen island a destination point in your redesign. A kitchen island is a great way to expand storage and countertop space in the kitchen but if it impedes foot traffic it could turn out to be your worst nightmare. Make sure that there is enough “passing space” or space enough that two people can bypass each other without doing the unexpected tango – check out this kitchen remodeling ST Louis MO to learn more. If you plan to add seating to it, make sure that every chair delivers 24 inches worth of space for the person who will be seated to allow ease of access and function.


As much as lighting can be turned on, it can also be a turn-off. Imagine designing your perfect kitchen only to have it lit by the one old fluorescent light that was installed 30 years ago. Make sure you light up the place with overall illumination, task lighting, and accent lighting. Lights can help the person cooking as much as make the space inviting. Make sure to plan ahead with your lighting choices so that electricity can be accounted for before the overhaul starts.

I Need to Vent.

Something that many people don’t think about until it is too late is good ventilation. Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning and coming downstairs only to smell the fish you cooked last night coming back to haunt you. Some range hoods may look good when it comes to price, but often times you get what you pay for. Investing in good ventilation will allow you to enjoy the space long after your redesign (and fish tacos) are done.

The Golden Triangle.

This may not be as tropical as the Bermuda Triangle, but it is definitely something that can get lost in the redesign process. The Golden Triangle refers to the layout of the major appliances for your kitchen. Nothing is worse than having to sprint to the sink from the oven because of poor layout. Make sure your kitchen compliments itself and plan for easy access. Nothing causes a family to opt for takeout more than a poorly designed kitchen layout.

Taking the plunge and diving into the kitchen design process can be fun and exciting – plus, we came up with a list of the perfect stocking stuffer gifts for newly remodeled kitchens. After all, this is where you may spend most of your time at home. Just make sure that you plan and think it through. Our talented designers at NVS are a call away and can literally say, “Been there, done that” to any kitchen question you may come up with. Contact us today and we can set you up with your perfect designer and make sure that these kitchen design mistakes don’t happen to you!

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