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How to Vet a Home Remodeling Contractor BEFORE you Start the Remodel

How to Vet a Home Remodeling Contractor BEFORE you Start the Remodel

It is easy to want to update the look of your home but what is not so easy is finding the right contractor to do it. There is no shortage of companies who would be willing to tear down a wall, but how know you have chosen the right company to do it!? We all hate the days of homework, but this homework might save you from heartache later on. Here is a list of things to research before hiring a home remodeling contractor.

Reviews are for the birds (and you).

There is nothing better than hearing from those who have gone through it first and review sites are the best way to hear what prior customers have to say. Websites like Houzz and Facebook are great resources in finding out what you could be in for.
Look for a company with consistent reviews coming in and reviews across many platforms. This will help you shy away from people trying to rig the review system or those less-than-honest companies that are trying to stay hidden from them.

Do you feel rushed?

This is a major red flag. It isn’t every day we get your kitchen gutted or your master bathroom gets a face lift and a good contractor understands this. If you feel pushed to make a fast decision- stop. You could be rushing into a bad contract with an even worse contractor.
Look for a contractor that is willing to guide you step by step through the process before even one nail is hammered.


Nothing is worse than being without the hub of your home- your kitchen. When talking with your contractor, make sure you stay away from the guys who make the blanket statements like, “this will be done sooner than you know it” or “we’ve done many projects before and always finish early.” This sounds good, but without a solid date to hold them to, you could be setting yourself up for the never-ending remodeling project.
Look for a contractor that is willing to give you a timeline throughout the project. This will hold them accountable as well as set the right expectation for you to get back to normal life.

Are they insured?

There should be no question left unasked when choosing the right home remodeler and a big question people miss is asking if the company you are looking at is insured. The answer should be more than just a “ya, sure.” Nothing is worse than having something go wrong on a job and the homeowner having to pay out-of-pocket for the damages. Protect yourself at the beginning and you’ll be able to sleep easy at night even when something goes not according to plan.
Look for a contractor that is an open book. If they are will to show you their policies when asked – they just might be a good fit.

Homework wasn’t fun when you were in grade school and it isn’t fun now. The remodeling process and planning is a fun time, don’t let your uncompleted homework ruin it for you.  Research first and enjoy the fun parts after!

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