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New Virginia Kitchen Showroom Display

New Virginia Kitchen Showroom Display

New Waypoint Cabinetry at our Northern Virginia Kitchen Showroom

We’ve been busy at the NVS Kitchen and Bathroom kitchen showroom. While styles are constantly changing with new trends, storage concepts, colors, and textures, so must our showroom displays.

This month, we’ve added two new displays to the Manassas showroom. I wanted to take a minute to give you a sneak peek at our Waypoint Living Spaces cabinetry line we’ve added to a new kitchen vignette!

Meet Waypoint Living Spaces Cabinetry

Quickly growing in popularity among NVS Kitchen and Bath clientele, the Waypoint line of cabinetry is not only beautiful, but it’s also affordable. Featuring some of the most trendy color combinations for 2017/2018 kitchen and bathroom designs, Waypoint Living Spaces can really make a kitchen remodel uniquely yours (and still leave enough money for food to cook in it).

NVS Kitchen and Bath is the Northern Virginia cabinetry distributor for Waypoint’s cabinet lines. You can stop by our showroom Monday through Saturday to tour the cabinetry yourself or check out some of the awesome projects we’ve completed using Waypoint’s affordable yet sleek cabinet line.

Virginia Kitchen Showroom

New Kitchen Display at NVS Kitchen and Bath

We’ve just unveiled our latest kitchen display featuring two-toned cabinetry accented by a light countertop with a bunch of really neat hidden features. This kitchen display was designed to show the marriage of traditional and contemporary making the perfect blend of both styles in this transitional kitchen.

Transitional kitchens are a favorite among Northern Virginia homeowners. They have the presence and style of a traditional classic design while maintaining simple, clean lines of more European styles. From Houzz contributor Lisa Frederick, “Think of a transitional kitchen as the great moderator. With the warmth and welcome of traditional design and the clean, simple lines of contemporary style, transitional spaces project balance and harmony. Because they offer a great deal of flexibility, they’re a great choice for homeowners who don’t want to confine themselves to a single style or whose taste spans the two. Browse these photos of transitional kitchens for ideas on pulling off the look. “

What is a Transitional Style Kitchen?

A few factors make up a transitional kitchen style. From countertops to cabinetry, each brings a unique take on what makes up this coveted design style. While not completely modern, crisp cabinetry with straight lines blends the gap between traditional and contemporary. Most transitional cabinets are made of wood rather than lacquer.

Natural Surfaces

Transitional design typically features natural surfaces when it comes to countertops and flooring. Check out this Alexandria kitchen that uses a rolling, wooden island design. Natural surfaces like granite and quartz are found in both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs so they fit perfectly in a transitional style design.

Man-Made Elements

Simple accepts compliment these types of kitchen design because the clean lines work well with muted accent pieces keeping countertops clean and allowing the design to shine through. On the same note – using man-made materials like the metal finish of an oven hood is a key design element in creating a unique transitional kitchen remodel.

Less Color, More Texture

Fewer colors complemented by more texture is a must for a winning transitional kitchen. Using less color means more room for exciting texture throughout the kitchen from the backsplash to the flooring.

About the Waypoint Display

The new kitchen display features Waypoint cabinetry in Cashmere (top cabinets) and Maple with a Truffle Glaze (lower cabinets). It also features a quartz countertop by Silestone in the color Pearl Jasmine.

Also included in the kitchen vignette is hidden storage ideas like a spice rack, a pots and pans storage drawer, and hidden trash bin and recycling bin, and a 5 drawer organizing system making any small space an organizer’s dream come true.

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