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The 6 Best Ways to Keep Your Home Cool Throughout the Year

The 6 Best Ways to Keep Your Home Cool Throughout the Year

You don’t have to suffer the discomfort that occurs when the temperature rises. Hot climates can be quite disturbing, sometimes even restricting. Dry heat and humid heat are two different things. Nevertheless, they can both be unbearable.

How to Keep Your Home Cool All Year Long

With the recent temperature increase, people all over the world are looking for better, more effective and more cost efficient ways to keep their homes cool and comfortable. There are many devices and tricks that you can employ in your house to regulate the temperature during the hot months. Some of them are expensive while others cost virtually nothing. However, you need to understand that it is not one solution that fits all. For this reason, we have prepared a comprehensive list of various ways that will keep you cool and comfortable.

Know When to Use the AC

ACs have definitely made life easier and better for a lot of people. However, you need to know when and how you should use your AC to make the best of it. While ACs work to reduce temperature, using your AC the wrong way can shorter its life span and increase your electricity bill beyond your budget.

Humidity is a curse. It doubles and even triples the amount of heat you actually feel making it even more uncomfortable. Moreover, your AC will be working double the load to keep the house cool. ACs work better and more efficiently in dry climates. But if you suffer from high humidity, you can try to use a dehumidifier that will decrease the degree of the humidity in your house. This will increase the efficiency of your AC and regulate the temperature of your house without breaking the bank.

Regardless of the weather, you should always change the filters of your AC every 4 to 6 weeks. Bad filters will not only affect the quality of air in your house, but will also shorter the life span of your AC.

Swamp Coolers

Swamp coolers or evaporative coolers are cost effective devices that are more budget-friendly than air conditioners. Swamp coolers simply utilize normal water and use the hot air and heat energy to change this water to vapor. However, be careful you make the right choice, a good thing to remember is that the best swamp coolers are more energy efficient and will increase the level of humidity in your house. This is why they are perfect for dry heat that a lot of people can’t tolerate. 

Dry heat can cause a lot of health problems even if you are staying inside all day long. While nobody certainly likes being soaking wet due to sweat of the hot humid weather, dry heat can actually make you feel sick and drained. Swamp coolers will give out just the right amount of humidity that you need in order to feel cool and comfortable.

Use your Windows and Fans Efficiently

Most of the time you can create a cooler effect just by using your windows and fans efficiently. Keeping your windows wide open during the day, can raise the temperature inside your house to a great extent. But luckily, once the sun goes down, the temperature will dramatically. If you know how to use this for your benefit, you will not have to spend a fortune on cooling appliances.

You can maximize the effect of cool air by opening a window on one side of the house and another on the opposite side. You can also do that on two different floors. Use your fan to help circulate the cooler breeze that you’ve just created. You can also point your fan towards the windows to help push the hot air out. You will be amazed at how fast the hot air will be replaced by cooler night air. This solution will work in an area where there is some level of humidity and cost absolutely nothing except the price of installing a fan or two.

Keep the Blinds Closed

During the hot season, the temperature dramatically rises inside the house compared to the outside. This resembles more or less the greenhouse effect, where the outside of the house actually feels a lot cooler than the inside, even though you are actually sitting in the shade. By opening the windows you let the sunlight and heat in, but they can never escape.

To overcome this, you can simply keep the blinds closed and the curtains down when it is boiling hot outside. You don’t have to keep all the blinds closed if you are keen on letting some refreshing sunlight in. You can simply focus on the windows facing the west and the south to lower the temperature especially mid-day. You can also go for lighter blinds that will better reflect the sunlight and heat. These won’t cost more than just the price of the new paint. Shading your living space is a great idea, and as Gizmodo points out blinds are a great insulator, helping to keep warm air in during summer and cold air out during winter.

Change the Bed Sheets

If you have woken up on several nights just because you can’t sleep in the heat anymore, then you will love the next tip. Some people simply don’t like to sleep with the AC on. Some people just hate that artificial cool feeling. In fact, Mother Nature has a solution to help you overcome the annoying night heat.

Cotton is one of the best options to use in hot weather. Go for high-quality Egyptian cotton sheets that are breathable and will improve the airflow in your bedroom. For an extra crispy feeling, put your sheets in a plastic bag and leave them in the freezer or fridge for a few minutes before use. This is an excellent and cheap solution that will work wonders hot dry weather.

Pick the Right Flooring

The key to having cooler homes and lower electricity bills might be lying right under your feet. Picking the right flooring is a great investment and a cost efficient solution to keep your house cool all year long. Picking flooring that has high heat conductivity will transfer your body heat to the floor. Hence, the floor will be cooler to touch.

Natural stone floors are very durable and will stay cool during summer months. You can use them inside or outside the house since they are perfect for high traffic areas. Ceramic tiles are not only to be used in kitchens and bathrooms. In fact, they come in so many shapes and shades and you can definitely find something that will make your house look elegant and unique. These floors work great in both humid and dry weather and they will keep your house feeling fresh all day long.

While these tips might not work to eliminate the global warming effect, they can definitely help you deal with it. Most of them will help you regulate the energy bill and some of them are super green solutions. Just consider your particular climate and choose what works best for your home.

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