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So, What is a General Contractor?

So, What is a General Contractor?

You might have heard the term general contractor, but you might not know everything there is to know about what a general contractor is or what they can do for your remodel project. We are here to change this! Let’s find out why a GC could be a good idea for your next remodel project.

Ever hired a wedding planner before? Before you go running for hills, let me explain. A wedding planner doesn’t officiate the wedding; cook the dinner; play the music and DJ the after party. The wedding planner oversees everything and makes sure everything runs smoothly so that you don’t have to worry about anything other than having fun (and getting married, of course!) General contractors are much like wedding planners. They are the overseers of your entire remodel project from the small details to the large decisions. They are able to manage the process and bring you in on the important things that come up.

So What is the World is a General Contractor Anyways?

“Why should I hire a general contractor if I can oversee my project just as good?” Great question and we hear it often. The reason for hiring a GC is for their expertise. If they come well recommended then they have probably seen it all. This is great for you because they will be able to take care of anything that might arise that wasn’t planned for. Know all the building laws? General contractors do, and they can save you time and money by telling you exactly what they are. GCs are a great person to add to your remodel project because of their efficiency; ability to talk the language with the subcontractors and their knowledge of the industry.

Not sold yet? What about having your kitchen torn out for months at a time or your master bathroom gutted and the whole family sharing the kid’s tiny bathroom for what feels like an eternity. Doing a big remodel project on your own isn’t easy, and the last thing you want to do is demolish your house and hit a snag. A useless kitchen isn’t helping anyone and trying to Google “how to fix a water line” on your own won’t make your hungry family any happier. A general contractor knows what to do and how to fix it. They can streamline the remodel process and get you back up and running. If they hit a snag, they will have five plumbers on speed dial and on their way to fix it saving you time and some hair pulling out.

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What is a General Contractor? The last reason we will cover is the liability. If you hire a plumber and he gets hurt on the job- guess who that falls on. If you guessed the homeowner, then you guessed correctly. Often times a general contractor will take the liability of his staff and subs on himself leaving you free and fancy and able to focus on what really matters with your project. They know the safety laws and how to keep your family safe during an active remodel project. This can give you and your family peace of mind during the whole process.

Whatever your reason for considering a GC is probably a good one that will save you time in the future. Just make sure to do your homework and get referrals before making your final decision. You are in the driver seat for your project so make sure to take your time and get different estimates before making a final decision.

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