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What Your Paint Colors say About You

What Your Paint Colors say About You

Now, we aren’t quite sure if all these explanations are true, but we thought we would see what the experts say about your wall colors and what it says about you. From moody blues to fiery red- we want to see what your walls say about your personality.

Red Paint Colors

If you have painted your newly remodeled kitchen walls red, you are telling the world that you are independent, outgoing and impulsive. You abhor the normal and embrace the change. The color red also denotes drive and power and the ability to be a decisive decision maker when it comes to life (and wall colors). People want to be near you and are flattered when you give them attention. You are a trendsetter.

Black Based Colors

You are mature and sophisticated and crave order in your life. Your walls tell people that you don’t tread down the trendy route and that you are deliberate in your actions and timeless in your taste. Black painted walls also tell others that you may be reserved, but only because you don’t need to be the center of attention anymore- the attention just follows you wherever you go.

Paint Colors using Green

Green walls tell people you are the down-to-earth type that loves being around friends and family. It also suggests a yearning for harmony and balance between life and home. Darker shades of green tell people that you are more of a homebody and prefer nights in rather than nights on the town. Renewal and rejuvenation happen in the home and specifically in the rooms that feature green. Calm cool and collected is written all over these walls.

Burnt Orange

Burnt orange walls tell people you have a happy and charming personality. You see the positives in every situation, and you have a peaceful home. While the color says that you may be a tad indecisive at times, your nurturing ways and warm heart draw everybody in. You are an equal mix of a homebody and a night out on the town, and burnt orange suggests you are a social butterfly and run in many circles.

Blue Paint Colors

Your walls tell us that you are a person of few words. Confident, cool and collected with a sense of daring on the side. The color blue says that you are an old soul that is looked up to by friends and family. Noted highly among your peers, you are the shoulder for people to lean on and can approach every situation level-headed. Blue walls say that you crave tranquility in your life and a balance of everything you do. If it doesn’t make sense- it doesn’t happen. It also probably means you knew what you were doing when it came to planning and designing your kitchen.


You fight the norm at every turn. You don’t follow trends, but you follow your heart. You are confident and quirky and don’t care what others think. You have an eye for style and even though it doesn’t fit everyone else- it fits yours. You are a joyful person that likes their privacy and love close friends and family. You are witty and sensitive and know what you want in life. People’s opinions matter little to you and you go to the beat of your own drum.

No matter what color walls you have, they definitely say something about your personality. Do you agree with the experts?

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