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Which Construction Company is Right for your Home?

Which Construction Company is Right for your Home?

Sometimes choosing a construction company can feel like a 21st version of Goldilocks where too big and you’re left feeling like a number amidst a million other remodel projects or too small and you run the risk of the tiny construction company closing up shop mid-project leaving you with the bill and without a kitchen. But what’s just right when it comes to choosing the size of your to-be construction company?

Not Too Big, Not Too Small, Just Right. Which Construction Company is Right?

There are a couple things to look at to filter out the good fits from the misfits. When choosing a construction company, look at experience. How long have they been around? Under 2 years and they may not carry the necessary licensure to even touch your home’s remodel. 100 years and you may have to ask If they’re growing at all and if not, where are they investing their profits? Once they pass the experience filter, move onto our next construction company filter.

Do they have good reviews? A company that’s been around for while a has few to no reviews could be a red flag or living in the 19th century. Review – both good and bad – are a good indicator of an active company. But on that note, an overwhelming amount of bad to good reviews is a sign to stay away. Read the reviews. What are the main praise points and issues? Was there are problem with communication? Was the project workmanship shoddy? Did they have an awesome experience on time and on budget? Based off the reviews, you can get a good idea of the experience you could be facing with your construction team.

Do you like their design work? What works for me isn’t what works for everyone else, but your design will be the link to connect you with your dream design. If the type of projects doesn’t fit your style, then perhaps it may not be your perfect remodeler match. Check a company’s online or offline portfolios, swing by an open house or remodel reveal, and determine your design fits their design style. You don’t want to have put down a down payment on a remodel only to find out your dream vision and theirs don’t align.

Communication. Your initial consultation will be a good indicator of how your communication with the company will be throughout your project. If it’s like pulling teeth to get an estimate, you may find yourself pulling out your hair when it comes to construction time. Finding a company who is good at communicating up front will be an awesome indicator that your remodel project will run smoothly even if there are a few bumps in the road. Communication is key.

So you’ve found a company who has been around a while, has great reviews, matches your design style, and communicates well. Are you off to the races? Just about. The last and what we feel may be the most important way to choose your remodeler is – who do you feel comfortable around. Keep in mind, these people will be in and out of your house for the next few months, knocking down walls, calling you to schedule appointments, and meeting with you at the selections center. You will form a relationship with these people, and it’s important that it’s a long lasting, enjoyable one.

Choosing a construction company isn’t easy – but it doesn’t have to be miserable. Heed our words of caution and go forth, and remodel!

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